Friday, April 27, 2007

Credit Cards

I’ve been reading and seeing a lot on the news lately about credit cards, and credit card debt. The average American has about $9200 in credit card debt! But, we all know that credit cards are a part of life, and as long as they are managed properly, can be a useful tool in your monthly financial management. I just saw a story on the news this morning about how to lower your interest rate on current credit cards, they spoke to some people on the mall, gave them a script and had them call their credit card company right there and read the script to try and get a lower interest rate. Four out of the four people got their rate lowered anywhere from 3%-8%, that’s a significant reduction in a monthly bill, and can result in them paying their bill off months earlier! It’s even better to start off with a lower rate card, or do a balance transfer to a lower rate of zero percent. One place you can go to find a a low rate credit card is Credit Card Search Engine . They have credit cards for all types of people; low interest cards, balance transfer cards, and even cash back reward cards. If you have had credit porblems in the past, they have cards that can help you rebuild your credit rating and get back on track with your finances. You can compare rates, check your FICO score, and your credit report.
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