Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Mom's Help

Guest post written by Derick Burks

My mom told me about HughesNet Somerset and it's been really nice having Internet at home so I can Facebook with my friends and trade recipes with my family online. It's been sort of isolating since I quit my job and now stay at home with the kids but it's more rewarding than it is challenging. I feel really good about having a clean home and healthy meal on the table each night and I can't thank my husband enough for giving me this opportunity to bond with my children in a new way. I'm really relishing all the time I get to spend with them while they're gone and being a stay-at-home mom just made the most sense for us after our move. There are definitely days when I get bored though, so I appreciate mom's willingness to help me find something to occupy my extra time. I think she was just tired of me calling her four times a day to chat so she finally broke down and gave me a suggestion!

Saturday, January 21, 2012


I see ads in magazines all the time for amish this a new trend? Or are we going back to our roots? Or, could it be that with the strain on the economy, are we striving to buy local and american? Either way, you cannot go wrong with handmade, solid wood furniture!

In the Red

Christmas shopping is easy with the internet! You can just search, click and order all from the comfort of your home! And, with RedEnvelope coupon codes, I saved quite a few bucks this holiday season on my list! Savings off the list means more money in my pocket! Win win!!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Cool Pool

It's no surprise every other house in my state has a pool. And, if you have a pool, you need to call pool fence miami or someone to get a bird cage or fence put up. You always read in the news about a child wandering out the door and into the pool.

High Finance

We had a conference call with human resorces about out 401k and such, all that talk about working capital financing, and where to invest and percewntages can be overwhelming for some people. I make it easy on my self by taking the paperwork to my financial advisor and asking him about it.


I was looking at a website for funny t-shirts to find a gift for a secret santa party. In the end, I went with the gift that keeps on giving, booze...and skipped the t shirt option.


And, while we're on the subject, don't forget the psp batteries either! If you are going to buy the unit, the chargers and extra bells and whistles, and have to get the batteries!


The presents are wrapped, the stockings are stuffed, the turkey is prepped, and the cookies are decorated....but, did you forget the batteries? A lot of people buy gifts that require batteries and then end up at the all night drug store because they forgot to include them and little Johnny os not happy he can't play with his new toy!


I have been looking for a new mattress. Of course, the one I love is about a thousand bucks, you would think I was shopping at furniture stores in los angeles with the pricinng around here! I guess when you do the math, and realize that a mattress lasts about ten years, it's worth the price you pay for a good nights sleep!

Back to Basics

When I was a teenager, my father had major back issues and was laid up for weeks not able to move. They reccomended herniated disc surgery to ease his pain for good. He was on major pain pills and it hurt him to move in any way. He was quite happy when it was all over and he could go back to work!


A report was recently published that unemployment has dropped in our state. This is good news, nice to know that people can find Orderly Jobs, and other positions before the new year and start off on the right foot, Lets hope it stays that way or even gets lower.

Shop til u Drop

Shoppers have flooded the malls in a holioday frenzy for some time now. Credit cards are being swiped, receipt printers are running out of paper, and bags of goodies are being stashed all over the house in anticipation of the big day. Five more days!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011


We had an RV when I was a kid, we would go on weekend camping trips. Mostly to boat races, not to anyplace really fun. But, we were still getting away for a while. Luckily, we never really had any kind of rv travel emergency to deal with. Unless you count the kids fighting in the back while parents were trying to drive!


Black Friday is upon us. It seems they might even be bumping it up a little, to say...MIDNIGHT on Thanksgiving!! Poor Thanksgiving gets a bad rap, rushed through after Halloween, while Christmas takes a little more of it each year! This year, get out your wallets and armani exchange coupons as soon as you finish your pie, some stores are talking about opening before the turkey carcass is in the soup pot!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011


When we buried my Mom, we did not choose any of the memorial ornaments for her plaque. I understand why some people would want to do that, but to me, she is not even at that site - she is in our hearts. I'm glad we all agreed on what she would have wanted when the time came.


My friend started up with the guitar last year, and after the investment for instrument, guitar tuner, lessons, I hope she sticks with it. I know so many people who have started up and then just stopped for no reason, why invest the money if you are not going to fully commit?

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Surgery Inspiration

Written by Fermin Washington

It has been fifteen years since the last time I had surgery. Getting my appendix removed over a decade ago was not glamorous. I was in a lot of pain. I remember waking up in a cold, barren hospital room with my mother standing over me. I had complications and had to stay an extra night. I remember the food being awful and the television only getting eight basic channels. I was certainly ready to leave! Recently, I went in for a small elective surgery at a private surgery center where I had to stay overnight. The stay was not what I expected. It was more like a vacation! The food was great, the bed had fine linens, and the room was bright and cheery. I enjoyed lying in bed, watching great shows, and relaxing. The center inspired me to make my home more relaxing and comfortable. When I got home I bought new bed linens, went to and got good programming, and filled my room with fresh flowers. I still can’t believe surgery inspired me to make my bedroom more relaxing!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011


I need to go shopping for some laptop speakers! In order to watch movies on this bad boy, I need some better sound quality - I've been searching the ads for the best deals on a good quality set so that I can enjoy a good flick while I travel!