Saturday, November 21, 2009


I am hankering for a trip. Haven't been on a real out of town vacay since last Spring....I am seriously overdue. My next planned trip is my annual Girls' trip next year - I am going to have to get away long before then!
Ideas have been running through my mind, anything from Vegas, a real winter, to Memphis , even as far away as the aruba hotels will take me!

Saturday, November 07, 2009

Open Door

One of the things about a condo, you can do what ou want to decorate and replace things on the inside - but you can't do anything about your door. They all have to be the same! I hate my door - I think a new one would really look nice, one of those Ft Myers custom doors...but, all I can do is keep cleaning mine and put a wreath on it to make it look nicer!


I have life insurance throught my job, but do you ever wonder how many people do not? My Mother did not have a life insurance policy! So, when she passed nothing was covered! Everything from the funeral, to flowers and obituary, to food at the house had to come out of their pocket! Scary how many people do not even call for a life insurance quote, and get a small policy just to cover the basics.


Back from the 3 Day and had a fantastic time, as always. There were 335 Crew members in our city! They cover everything from Medical to Safety to Camp Services. They even have a road crew of people on bicycles and motorcycles on the route all day! One fo the bikers told me he covered 67 miles just running the route back and forth all day watching over the walkers! Thankfully, no accidents so nobody needed a Pleasanton motorcycle accident attorney!