Saturday, May 31, 2008

Random Saturday Stuff

I just got back from Stepdad's.
His house is clean.
His laundry is done.
His pantry and fridge are full.
San Francisco jobs
Whew. I am tired.
Now I get to do all the same stuff at my house!
Good times.

I still want to go to the movies, I'm thinking I can knock this housework out in a few hours and then hit the late afternoon show.

Make sure you go over to my other blog and find out how you can get yourself a FREE Papa Johns pizza courtesy of the Tampa Bay Rays!!!

Friday, May 30, 2008


Looks like my weekend will be full of housework and errands. I am on Stepdad duty this weekend, have to take him to the grocery, do his laundry and clean his place. I wanted to squeeze in a trip to the theatre to see Sex & the City - am tryng to figure out how to squeeze it in, as Sunday afternoon is going to be spent at Nephew's Little League picnic, and then dinner at Stepmoms......Hmmmm.
Royal Oak offshore

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Memorial Day Update

My weekend away was nice and relaxing!

I got 30 MPG on the trip, so even though the company paid for my gas since I had to drive over there for business, I got great mileage!
We hit the Cracker Barrel fish fry on Friday night after work. Kohl's and Ikea for some good browsing on Saturday, and had some nice homemade BBQ on Sunday after church. We made brisket, ribs, and chicken - with all the sides; beans, potato salad, and 2 pies for dessert! Now, if someone had gone to one of those massage therapy schools, I could have gotten a nice massage and the weekend would have been perfect!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Fuel Frog

I have been tracking my gas mileage over at Fuel Frog. It's free, and it's a neat tool to keep track of your mileage, and how much you are spending on can even chart your mileage against trends for similiar models. I am extremely pleased to report that I am currently getting 26 MPG /city with my '06 Sonata! HA! Maybe I should tell Hyundai what great mileage I am getting in their SEDAN - which they have not promoted in the past as an "economy" car? I have a co-worker who just bought a Toyota Matrix, and was bragging about the great mileage it gets and how much money they will save on gas.....when I told him I get the same with my sedan - they were less than pleased!
I am going out of town this weekend, so I will be able to test out the Highway mileage numbers!
Zero Halliburton

Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Did everyone get their George Bush Rebate? I heard there were a lot of issues with people not getting them because they sent a pile to wrong addresses, and people not getting the extra $300 for their kids. That's our government at work people - if they hadn't screwed things up in the first place, they wouldn't have to borrow billions of dollars from China to give to us in the first place! I got mine, and I resisted the urge to go out and blow it on clothes or new comforter sets..let George and his family stimulate the economy, they can afford to!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Tampa Bay Rays in 1st place!

Got Rays?
They are at the top of their division, just swept the Angels and have beaten the Yankees 2 games in a row! AWESOME! I already have tickets for 2 more games over the next month, and I think I'll be going to a lot more!
Tonight, my neighbors went - and it was trade in your old hat for a Rays hat night! Well, you know your girl is not passing up a freebie! I sent my neighbor to the game with 2 of my old hats to trade in and now have 2 NEW Rays hats, a white and a blue! SCORE! I already have a blue one, so I will give that one away to another Rays fan.
farmhouse sinks

Monday, May 12, 2008

Super Free Thursday!

I am declaring this Thursday as SUPER FREE Thursday!

At McDonald's, they will be giving away FREE Southern Style Chicken Biscuits (7-10am) and Chicken Sandwiches (10am-7pm) all day, with the purchase or a medium or large drink.

At Dunkin Donuts, they will be giving away FREE 16 oz Iced Coffee's (any flavor!) from 10am-10pm!

Gte yourself a nice sandwich for the price of a drink, and then run over to DD and get yourself a nice FREE caffeine jolt! THEN, come home and sign up for Revolution Money Exchange (by clicking on the green button on my right sidebar) and get your FREE $25! Thursday is the LAST DAY to get the $25 just for signing up! SO, you'd better get it while there's time!!

I have been getting so many free samples in the mail this week, I may never have to buy wrinkle cream or toothpaste again!

Tuesday, May 06, 2008


So, yeah...had a little scare at the Dr this week. I got the "your blood test came back abnormal and we need to see you asap"..Ummm.........yeah. Don't leave that message for someone who just lost their Mother to cancer! I went into full freak out mode! Everything is good, I am not going to drug rehab or anything. Apparently, I am hypothyroid - not too bad, it may be stress related, she wants me to take a few supplements (Reacted Calcium and Vitamin D),try to get more iodine in my diet, and have it re-checked in 4 weeks.

Saturday, May 03, 2008


I had to go and get my spine x ray this morning, and on the way home I hit an estste sale. When I go to these sales, I can see why ours was so successful - this place was a really nice home, but obviously had not been cared for in years. It had older decor, stained rugs - and it looked like they just opened up closets and laid out the sale stuff willy nilly all over the place! Stuff for sale was dirty, dusty.... The upside is because it is, they give you great deals! Of course, I am not so sure that they were ever going to get rid of the king sized bed and mattress....even if it were free, it looked like it had been there since about 1967!