Monday, September 18, 2006


Snoopy had been such a good boy all week in the house by himself, I was very proud. My neighbor, Sue, another dog mom to a cute little daschund named Heidi...decided that since I was not going to buy him a present for being such a good dog, she would! So, she and Heidi came up and awarded him with a stuffed daschund toy, with a squeaky head, stretchy middle, and rattle in the tail!! As you can see, he is enjoying his reward!

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Good Boy!

I'm so proud! Snoopy did great yesterday! When I got home he was at the door to greet me, all happy, yawning and stretching as if he had just been awakened....? There were no signs of any mess, he did not tear up the house, nor did he have an accident....and there was a familiar indentation in the pillow on my bed...which was still warm to the touch...apparently he lounged there the entire day, like the spoiled dog he is!

Monday, September 11, 2006

I'm Free!!

So, today I left Snoopy at home, and did not crate him! I have been running tests on this for about a month now...and today is his first full work day with run of the house. He's done well on the test runs, left him out while I ran short errands, and Saturday I left him for a full 5 hours while I was at a Big Brother/Big Sister event..he did fine, I did have my neighbor let him out to tinkle while I was gone though. I gave him a little talk before I left this morning..and left him on my bed with a treat. I've been nervous thinking about him all he being a good boy and just napping, or is he tearing up something? I won't know until I get home, and I will issue a full report here with my findings!

Monday, September 04, 2006

Labor Day?

Doesn't look like much Labor is going on here does it? Snoopy sleeps like a person...always has to be on the pillow! I had the futon in my spare room made up for a weekend visitor (you can see by the retro 1970 sheets that there is nothing to good for company at our house!) ....well, Snoopy took that as an official invitation for napping! I found him in there one evening, he had "dug" back the covers and wiggled himself right in for a nice quiet nap!