Sunday, January 23, 2011

Rock of Ages

I am headed to the theatre to see Rock of Ages this afternoon. I have heard good things about this show and am looking forward to spending time with friends and seeing the show. I got a few texts last night from another friend who was at the show and said it was awesome, the cast, the songs, the lighting...everything was perfect! Should be a great way to spend my Sunday afternoon!


We just did a build out at the office, busted through the wall and expanded into the suite next to us. Added a few offices and a conference room, expanded the break room as well and added cabinets to the kitchen. It's all complete and looks great, it's nice to work for a company that is expanding in these difficult times. Along with the construction came new phone lines, 1U server lines, and all the electrical doo dads needed to get us live in the new space.

Sunday, January 09, 2011


In additon to gift cards for gear, I also got some very nice fitness equipment for Christmas! New resistance band kit, weighted jumprope, and a few other things that I can use at home and when working out with my friends during out "off" weeks from camp. They got a lot of use during our Christmas break from camp - and I am very pleased with these thoughtful gifts.


I heard this year that Tax service companies are not allowed to offer those "refund aniticpation" loans.....I am glad. They are like a payday advance loan, target a specific clientele and charge you MUCHO interest for money ou know you have coming. If you can't wait a few weeks for a tax refund, and are willing to give up about 25% of your money, I guess this is the thing for you....myself, I would NEVER.

Geared Up

I got a few giftcards for Christmas to get myself some workout gear. Since I dedicated myself to this bootcamp experience, I am in sad need of enough workout clothes to get me through 5 nights of training. I had enough warm weather stuff, but needed some cold weather gear. Has to be dri-fit, lightweight kind of stuff that I can layer on and take back off as I start to get heated....since I was so specific, givers decided that gift cards were better and I could pick my own things out. I'm glad they did as workout gear is personal preference, can't just go into a sporting goods store and pick up any thing off the men's clothing or women's clothing racks - have to have the right gear for the right type of exercise. Luckily, with January being the typical month all of these things go on sale, I was able to get more for my gift card dollar by waiting for sale / clearance prices!

Saturday, January 08, 2011


Happy that the holiday season is over, always encourages everyone to spend spend spend. I have a few months reprieve from gifts, birthdays, showers and wedding I am in full saving mode first quarter! I have set goals, and am reaching towards them each day. Its a good feeling.

Holiday Gifts

Christmas was good, not a lot of flashy gifts - no psp, or big screen. But, I got to spend time with good friends, there was no family drama, and purchased myself something that I have needed, and another something that I have all in all, a good holiday.