Sunday, January 09, 2011

Geared Up

I got a few giftcards for Christmas to get myself some workout gear. Since I dedicated myself to this bootcamp experience, I am in sad need of enough workout clothes to get me through 5 nights of training. I had enough warm weather stuff, but needed some cold weather gear. Has to be dri-fit, lightweight kind of stuff that I can layer on and take back off as I start to get heated....since I was so specific, givers decided that gift cards were better and I could pick my own things out. I'm glad they did as workout gear is personal preference, can't just go into a sporting goods store and pick up any thing off the men's clothing or women's clothing racks - have to have the right gear for the right type of exercise. Luckily, with January being the typical month all of these things go on sale, I was able to get more for my gift card dollar by waiting for sale / clearance prices!


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