Thursday, December 02, 2010


Just returned from a trip to the chilly northeast to vist family for the holiday, it was nice to get away for a while. Packed up my long pants, and closed toe shoes for this one! Normally, I am a flip flop girl..but, when the weather turns chilly, I have to put real shoes on.
It snowed Thanksgiving day, which was a nice surprise. Nothing major, just enough fat flakes to make this Florida girl happy - didn't need to break out the snowshoes or anything! Weather stayed pretty chilly the entire trip, mid 40's during the day. Everything is drab up there in winter, gets dark at 4:30...I don't think I could take much of that! I like to see the sun, and some greenery...and when it gets dark at a normal hour, like 6pm. Nice to put slippers on and sit by the fire with cocoa when it's cold though.
But, this Florida girl is happy to be home!


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