Saturday, October 24, 2009

Bargain Sales

Now that the weather has changed and is LESS hot than normal...I notice a lot of yard sales signs on weekends. Sometimes I'll stop when I am out running errands, you never know what kind of treasure you are going to find amidst the old dishes, truck accessories, and Grandma's knitting!


I have a busy weekend planned, filled with packing, cleaning, football, Oktoberfest, and other odds and ends. Now that the weather is trying to get cool enought to open windows (sadly we only had 1 week of that), I am doing some "fall cleaning", changing air filters, and decor for the new season.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Hotter than....

Fill in the blank.
It's been SO hot.
It is officially HOTtober.
Even in Florida it's supposed to cool off a little, and the humidity backs down by now.
But no.
It's hotter than some of those electric fireplaces around here.
With no relief in sight.


Guess who never, ever has time to come over here anymore? Yes - that would be me. I know, you think I have been off getting dental implants Plano - but I have not. Just too busy with work and everyday stuff and my other blog to get over here and say hi. Not that anyone is reading it.