Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Wow. I had no idea how expensive the hardware would be for my new cabinets! Those handles and knobs are expensive! And, of course, the ones I like were $3.99 EACH! It was going to cost me almost $90 for all of them!
You girl did not take the bait.
I waited.
How many times have I told you patience pays off?
Found the exact same ones at Target...ON CLEARANCE!
Yep. Saved $30, no home security systems needed !!!



Go check out my friend, industry peer, and fellow couponer at Couponarama !! She is a new blogger, so be nice..she will be sharing all of her money saving deals with you!

Sunday, February 21, 2010


I have been watching the winter olympics all week, and enjoying them very much. Well, other than the fact that NBC wants to put all of hte medal ceremonies on after midnite and I have yet to see one..that kind of ticks me off. These athletes are incredible, they go flying across the ice or down a mountain...fall, flip over, and get right back up again! No need for supplements for weight loss when you are in that kind of shape!

Food Inc

I watched this documentary last night, and it was eye opening, to say the least. I knew it was going to be hard to watch, I had to mute it a few times, and turn away from the tV so as not to see.......I had no idea. And, how did I get to my age and have no idea? ABout where my food came from, and what is going on behind the scenes?
How is it that we have more safety guidelines for all natural fat burners, than we do for the food we are all eating? All I can say is, I will be reading every label, and increasing my organic purchases.

A job well done

My new kitchen is done, it looks better than I imagined! I spent the entire day yesterday unpacking boxes (again) of things and putting them back into cabinets. It was way more fun putting everything back! Finding new homes for my spices, glasses and multivitamins. Figuring out where the coffee pot and cookie jar would be, and cooking my first meal in there!


Is it me, or have there been an increase in the stars doing those acne remedy commericals?
OK. We get it. You had a problem, and you fixed it with wondercream for zits. Do we really need to see the "before" pictures in HD?

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

New Kitchen!

By the weekend, I will be settling into my new kitchen! Cabinets are being installed as I type....(with many loud power tools!)....countertop, sink, and rangetop microwave will be installed tomorrow.

You know I am going to tell you how I saved money on this project, right?

I am saving a ton by paying CASH, and doing some of the work myself (with the help of a few gusy friends!).

Took the entire top level of cabinets down myself, and recycled them to Brother-in-Laws garage.

Countertop? Saved $40 by paying CASH instead of check. you in cash rather than sit down and write you out a check, and you will give it to me CHEAPER? Yeah, I'm all over that.

Ordered the cabinets and had someone I know who does this kind of work do it as a side job? Easily saved about $1500!! Yes, I paid for the cabinets with a check, and will pay installation in CASH.

New rangetop microwave and sink? Price checked everything via internet, googled myself a printable coupon for 10% off - saved myself $50!!

Did I mention that my coupon was for Lowes, but the microwave I wanted was $30 cheaper at Home Depot? Yeah, they were happy to take another 10% off the SALE PRICE for me for giving them that Lowe's coupon, and my CASH.....!

How did I know they would take my Lowe's coupon? I didn't. I ASKED. A simple question saved me $50. Had they said no? I would have gone to Lowe's and gotten my sink and micorwave there. They would have price matched and given me the 10%! I figured it was less hassle getting HD to take a competitor's Q.

Our lesson for today?


Saturday, February 13, 2010


Another baby shower? Yes, it seems another coworkwer is on the prenatal vitamins...! Looks like I'll be shelling out for another gift here pretty soon. I think this is their last, so maybe this will be the end of it for a while.


I enrolled in Dave Ramsey's Financial peace University at my church. We are 3 weeks in and I LOVE it! I encourage you to take it if it is offered in your area - well worth your time!

Of course, since taking it - I have taken a closer look at my expenses to see if there is anywhere else I can cut. Do I really need my Y membership? I can walk around the neighborhood instead of a treadmill!! We shall see what changes the 13 week course brings!

Hold on to those coupons!

Sometimes it pays to hold onto your coupons and wait for a sale....

This week at Publix, our Goodlife Recipe catfood went BOGO at $4.49 - I had 2 / $2 off coupons, so I got 2 bags for 49 cents!!!

Whole Foods has Oikos greek yogurt on sale for $1 each, they also had a printable coupon on their website for $1 off Oikos!! I will be eating FREE breakfast for a while!!