Wednesday, February 17, 2010

New Kitchen!

By the weekend, I will be settling into my new kitchen! Cabinets are being installed as I type....(with many loud power tools!)....countertop, sink, and rangetop microwave will be installed tomorrow.

You know I am going to tell you how I saved money on this project, right?

I am saving a ton by paying CASH, and doing some of the work myself (with the help of a few gusy friends!).

Took the entire top level of cabinets down myself, and recycled them to Brother-in-Laws garage.

Countertop? Saved $40 by paying CASH instead of check. you in cash rather than sit down and write you out a check, and you will give it to me CHEAPER? Yeah, I'm all over that.

Ordered the cabinets and had someone I know who does this kind of work do it as a side job? Easily saved about $1500!! Yes, I paid for the cabinets with a check, and will pay installation in CASH.

New rangetop microwave and sink? Price checked everything via internet, googled myself a printable coupon for 10% off - saved myself $50!!

Did I mention that my coupon was for Lowes, but the microwave I wanted was $30 cheaper at Home Depot? Yeah, they were happy to take another 10% off the SALE PRICE for me for giving them that Lowe's coupon, and my CASH.....!

How did I know they would take my Lowe's coupon? I didn't. I ASKED. A simple question saved me $50. Had they said no? I would have gone to Lowe's and gotten my sink and micorwave there. They would have price matched and given me the 10%! I figured it was less hassle getting HD to take a competitor's Q.

Our lesson for today?



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