Sunday, January 24, 2010

I Heart Publix

Publix has some great deals on health items right now, check the healthy advatage buy flyer in front of store, and combine Publix Q's with your Mfg Q's to maximize your won't want to miss this chance to stock up your medicine cabinet!

2 Sundown vitamins $10.48
Minus Publix Q $6 off 2
Minus 2/ $1 off mfg Q

$1.24 each!!!!

2 Aleve 24 count $7.02
Minus Publix Q $5 off 2 Bayer products
Minus 2 / $2 peelies found on boxes

$1.98 OVERAGE!!!! (Make sure you have a "filler" item if you do this deal!)

Advil 50 count $6.43
Minus Publix Q $3
Minus Mfg Peelie $1

But wait..there is a $5 mail in mfg rebate on this, so it ends up being FREE with overage after rebate!!

I also picked up the BOGO Ritz while I was there, as I had a coupon, these ended up helping with my "overage"...!!


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