Saturday, January 16, 2010

Patience, Grasshopper

The redecorating of the spare room is moving along. Not as quickly as I would like, but hey, some of us are trying to do things on a budget!
The new futon cover came in, it's made for a slightly thicker mattress (my futon is pretty old, but it works) - so a mattress topper will fix that! I researched prices and found the good ones (Memory Foam) are about $99!! ON SALE!! That's a tad more than I wanted to spend.
Patience pays off.
I waited and found one on sale at JC - HALF OFF at $54.
A quick search turned up a FREE SHIPPING coupon code! (NEVER buy online without searching for a coupon code!)
And, of course, I ordered it through Ebates - gaining me 3% cash back on my purchase!!
I am pleased with that little deal
You are not familiar with Ebates?
Please. Do yourself a favor and go here to sign up.
It's FREE. You will get a $5 bonus for signing up, and you will get cash back on your purchases! Up to 25% at NUMEROUS stores/websites that you probably already shop at!! Why are you doing so without paying yoruself back?? Go NOW!!


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