Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!

Snoopy & I hope that The Great Pumpkin visits you this evening!

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

How did THAT get into my Shopping Cart?

I went to Super Wal Mart yesterday to pick up a few things.....this must've fell into my cart as I was browsing the cereal aisle.....!
Hey, $1.50 for a classic childhood memory? I'll pay that!

And, Kudos to General Mills for re-designing the box art on all of the Monster cereals....they look more like the classic cartoon characters they are supposed to be, rather than some gay, non-scary, freak parade! How many times do I have to say "LEAVE AN ORIGINAL ALONE"?!
And yes, box art is an important part of my cereal purchasing process - there will be no ugly boxes of cereal in my pantry!

Monday, October 29, 2007

New Smile

Would I like a new smile? No. I am very happy with my teeth, they are in very good shape for being the one who did not have braces. They are not perfectly straight, but they are not bad for never having any kind of dental work done. There is a San Diego cosmetic dentist that will fix up your teeth good if you need it, veneers, implants, bonding...I'm always amazed how they can fix someones teeth and make it look like their own. I think Elliot Yamin had that done after American Idol, didn't he? His smile was perfect after that! I wouldn't mind that zoom whitening, I had a friend that did that, and the difference was amazing!
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Free Double D !!

I'm sure you've all seen that Dunkin Donuts coffee is now available in your local grocery.....get yourself a free sample to try brewing it at home!

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Free Tacos at Taco Bell !

Taco Bell is giving away free Tacos on Tuesday Oct 30 between 2-5pm! It's all part of their World Series promotion Steal a Base, Steal a Taco! Red Sox Rookie Jacoby Ellsbury stole a base Thursday night, and so America gets a free crunhcy beef taco! Keep an eye on the Series for more stolen bases, because every time it happens Taco Bell is giving away Tacos!Check the offical terms for details on the promotion, through the link above.

Busy Weekend.

Wow..this weekend has been a whirlwind of activities!
Friday night, I headed out to Oktoberfest with Nephew & his Girlfriend...we had a good time drinking German beer, eating of the Wursts while listening to the Oompah Band, and then watching the Stein Holding Contest and Log Sawing Contests! It was a nice cool evening to be outside.
Saturday was the Pancreatic Cancer 5k, and Scream Acres...and you can read all about those events here.
Right now, I am going to sit down with a pot of coffee and the Sunday paper....and who knows what the rest of the day will hold?

Friday, October 26, 2007

MORE K Mart Hilarity...

Go here and read Nephew's experience with his free candy coupon at K Fart. Funny, Funny Stuff.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

They Gave Me a Hard Time.

I dared them. And they did. Freaking K Mart.
The K Mart in my town is a D.U.M.P. They should call it G Mart (GHETTO!).....the store is always a mess, crap stacked in the aisles, nothing is marked properly, it is not unusual for there to be a pllaet jack blocking an aisle. And, the employees look like they were pulled off the street - always unkempt and unprofessional looking. I was surprised they didn't close that store when they merged with Sears. This is why I never shop there.
Now, I used to work at this K Mart. Back in the day. When I was a much younger woman. Worked my way up from cashier, to Supervisor over the checkouts, to Garden Shop Manager. Career oriented, I was. Yep, climbing the old K-Ladder!
Back then, management cared and the store was clean and neat. And employees would get busted for it not being neat.
Anyway, back to my story.
I waltzed the candy displays with my free coupon in hand, knowing I would be held to the terms printed on it...I wanted to ensure I did the right thing. I finally settled on a bag of fun sized Almond Joy, the sign on the shelf stated they were $2.79.
I got the checkout, of course, I had a trainee who did not know what to do. The trainer looked at the coupon and immmediatley told me they could not take it since it was printed off the internet.
Huh? Scuse me? It's a K MART coupon. K MART emailed it to me, and TOLD ME TO PRINT IT AND USE IT IN THE STORE.
Yes, but people are printing 5 of them and trying to get 5 bags of candy.
Um, that is not my problem, sounds like an I.T. issue, fix it so it will only print once! I have ONE coupon and am trying to get ONE bag of candy.
Yes, but we can't take it. it is for a $2.79 bag of candy, and this candy is on sale for $1.66.
If your shelves were marked properly, I would not have a problem finding the $2.79 bags of candy - but everything is just thrown all over the place over there!GET THE MANAGER PLEASE.
Manager type comes over, tells the trainer "Oh yeah, you'll be seeing a lot of these from now until Halloween - shows her how to give me the discount - and tells her it is ONE PER VISIT - and if I wanted to walk out of the store and come back in with another coupon in hand and get more free candy, he is happy to allow me to do so!
Take THAT!

Moral: You can get your free candy from Kmart, but you may have to hold the line up and cause a small ruckus. I couldn't care less, it was a matter of principle - if a retailer is going to email me a coupon for something, I am dern well going to hold said retailer up to their side of the bargain.

Holiday Shopping

Halloween is next week..the holidays are FAST approaching! Have you started shopping yet? Even made a list? The earlier you get started, the better off you will be financially! I have a few things stored away, I buy things throughout the year as I see them if they are a good deal, and a good gift idea. I try to make mental notes when I hear people drops things in conversation like "I've always wanted one of those"...And, I always like to use coupons and deals from places like when I shop online. I ordered from Amazon this past week....they always have good deals on books and music, and with these Amazon coupon codes I was able to get some free shipping as well!

Weekend Plans

The weekend plans are filling up already!
Saturday morning is the 1st Annual TeamHope Pancreatic Cancer 5K in Orlando, which I will be doing with both Sisters and some neices, in support of Mom. Our team is Lynda's Hope, we set a goal to raise $100, and we are currently at $175! Woot!! Maybe we can hit $200? You can help by running over to the link above and dropping us a few dollars!
Saturday evening is Scream Acres! It's a local FREE event, at a county park. They get local businesses to sponsor the camping cabins and decorate each of them as a haunted house. The kids LOVE it! It's in the woods, when it's dark out.....spooooky!


K Mart, a store that I normally loathe, is giving away FREE Halloween candy! A full size bag! Of GOOD candy...not lollipops or those black and orange taffy things...(what are those nasty things?).....HERSHEY'S CANDY..or M&M's..or Kit Kats...YOUR choice!!
Here's what you have to do:
Go the thier website and watch the Halloween TV Commercial here. Write down the name on the tombstone, you'll need it when you fill out the form.
Then fill out the form, and sign up for their email updates. In a few hours you will get an email from them with a link to a coupon for a FREE bag of Fun Size Hershey or MM/Mars Candy, regularly priced at $2.79!!
Please. I may loathe K Mart, but I am all over my free bag of Halloween my coupon and just happen to be going near one today! I dare them to give me a hard time.


Garage Storage

I was over at Stepmother's last evening, getting a fine meal and visiting with the family. After dinner, she and I headed into the garage to look for something. She's been in the house for just over a year, and has a lot of extra stuff stored in the garage still packed in the moving boxes..I think there were things packed away that she forgot she had, I know that happens to me sometimes! She had some good shelving on the garage walls for storing things, but she still needs a garage storage system. I told her when it cooled off I would come over and help her sort through everything and get the place organized a little more so she can find things easily out there.
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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

The Great Pumpkin

Halloween is my favorite holiday, and in my world, you get "special" Reesie's Cups for Halloween...and you can read why here in last years Halloween post.
I gave some to my Sister's kids this evening, and they were quite pleased! Last year, I gave them to Nephew and his Girlfriend, and she taped hers (The quarters, not the Reesie Cups) to her lampshade! They are still there!

Big Dental Fun

I got a call this morning from the dentists office informing me that I had an 8am appt......the time of the call was 08:20....! Oops! I guess with the job changing and all I forgot about that! It would help if my daily calendar were here on my desk, rather then in the trunk of my car!
My benefits are only good until the end of the month, so I wanted to keep the appt....
So, I got ready real quick and ran over there for 2 small fillings. So small that they said they were not going to numb me. Umm....okay.....? I said I would go along with that as long as there was no pain.
Then, the drilling began, and while I hate that drilling noise and kept anticipating pain, but it never came. She did have to use the "jackhammer" at one point, and I do not know what this tool is, but it looks like the drill and sounds like a jackhammer, and rattles the inside of your skull so much that it hurts your ears - hence, THE JACKHAMMER!
So, she filled me up and I was good to go, in and out of there within 40 mins, quick and painless!

Monday, October 22, 2007

Breast Cancer 3 Day Walk Tampa Bay

Went to the closing ceremonies yesterday for the Tampa 3 Day Walk, to show support for Sister. Her Hubby, kids and Mom came with us....
I have to say, as a walker, that I got the rush as soon as we arrived and I started seeing all those tired walkers clad in pink! It's something you never lose, like a Sisterhood....once a walker, always a walker. The ceremonies were just as emotional and moving, for me, as a spectator as they were when I walked. I got the chills and felt the tears coming as soon as they started coming through the gate. There was a rain cloud looming over us through the whole thing, but it only released a few random drops - it did not rain on our Pink Parade!
After the event, we went to Carrabba's and did a carbo load!

Saturday, October 20, 2007

USF Bulls beaten by Rutgers

Yes, a sad day on Thursday when our #2 USF Bulls got beat by unranked Rutgers in New Jersey, before a national TV audience. I was not able to watch, as I was driving back from MIA, so we listened on the was not pretty, the Bulls made a lot of mistakes and Rutgers took advantage of them. Rutgers has had a good team the past few years, and I am also a fan of them as I am a Jersey girl and have cousins who went there. USF will probably drop down to #5 or 6, depending on what happens today in the world of college football.

Quiz Kids

Quibblo Quiz Forums has added a few new topics to their online quiz games! They now have a host of teen quizzes! I know some kids in my life who would enjoy the Harry Potter quizzes, however, I would not be good at those...I've only seen the first 2 movies. I would be better at the general movie quizzes!
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Friday, October 19, 2007


If you read my other blog, then you know I am back from my business trip. I spent my day cleaning, doing laundry, and doing some Halloween decorating aroung the house. I don't have too much lined up this weekend, some football and errands.
The Breast Cancer 3 Day started here in Tampa this morning, my younger Sister is walking in was very hot out today, so I have no doubt she was miserable, and it also rained. Not good. I feel for her, but that is the reason that I chose NOT to walk here...I knew. October is still a hot month for us. Hope she's doing well, along with all of the other walkers. I did not see much on the news about it, nor did I see mention of it in the local paper - not sure why, though the Clearwater Jazz Holiday is this weekend also and it got a lot of press, maybe they hogged it all!

Monday, October 15, 2007

Blog Action Day

Bloggers Unite - Blog Action Day Today is Blog action day, when all bloggers get together to post about environmental issues.
I have blogged before about my efforts to be green, and reduce my carbon footprint.

I recycle my garbage & newspapers.
I try to buy things made with recycled paper.
I installed a Pur water filter in my faucet so I do not have to buy bottled water, and throw more plastic bottles into the recycler.
I say “neither” when asked “paper or plastic?” at the grocery, and hand the bagger my canvas bags.

So, I was saddened this weekend I was at the local recycling center, dropping off my recyclables - and I someone had used it as a dumping ground. Yes, someone took their boxes of old used junk (books, electronics, videos, computer parts) ..and left it on the ground at the RECYCLING CENTER! How rude is that? There is a Goodwill doantion trailer about a mile up the road people - can you take your junk there and not illegally dump it at the recycling center? Thanks.


I just realized that it has been a long time since i posted up some freebies for you....maybe that is why you aren't commenting as much?

Head hurt? Stress? Aches & Pains? Get some free Tylenol Rapid Release here.

Chapped lips? Get a head start oon the winter chafing with a free sample of Carmex Lip Balm here !

Free sample of Nivea Hydro Gel for men here.

Free Dr Pepper on your next visit to Chik Fil A here.


The holiday season is fast approaching, and I have a few things stashed away in the gift closet - but not enough! I need to start gathering ideas and getting my list in order. One thing your girl is not going to do is shop without the proper coupon codes! I can always find something for everyone on my list at Kohl's, and with these Kohl's coupon codes I will be getting a lot more out of my holiday dollars! Get your own Kohl's discount and see how much you can save, or try out these Chadwick's coupons!
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The Price is Right - Drew Carey Era

So, since I am working from home today, I was able to view the new Price is Right with Drew Carey. I like Drew, always thought his show was funny. He's okay as a game show host, the audience and players seem to love him.
Is it a huge coinkydink that ALL of the players who made it up on stage WON their game & prize today? C'mon Price is Right peeps.....really, 2 cars, a trip to Bali, assorted furntiure AND $16,000 cash BEFORE we even got to the Showcase Showdown?

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Complete Clapton

HUGE Clapton fan over here. I've seen him in concert 3 times, most recently last fall in Orlando, which was probably the best Clapton show I've seen. I could watch him play guitar for hours and never get bored....he's so talented.
Plus he's hot... he's on my list.
Just finished watching the Larry King Live interview, which I had DVR'ed from Friday night. It was very good. Really good.
I am drooling over his Autobiography and CD that just came out....I don't think I can wait until Christmas for it!

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Finally. The Weekend.

Has it been a long week, or is it just me?
Why do I ask you questions, none of you drop comments anymore...what is that about? You think I do this for my health? Drop a girl a freaking comment once in a while, sheesh.

I am happy to report that it is Saturday! I have been cleaning all morning, and doing eleventy-eighteen loads of laundry...unpacking and putting away everything from the 3 Day Walk. My younger Sister would call this a boring day, not me...this is what I like to do...clean the house and get everything in order for the new week. I cannot stand mess & chaos - it's who I am.

It is a beautiful day, 70's with a light breeze, so I was able to turn off the A/C and open the windows to let in the fresh air. I will be running the recyclables over to the center in a while, and taking Snoopy for a run in the park.

Ohh, and I went to the brand new Super Target this morning, which I's all new & shiny and neat. And, they are having some Super "New Store" deals...I needed new pillows for my bed - they had them on special for $3 ! GOOD pillows, not the crappy ones!

Friday, October 12, 2007

Can a Girl Catch a Break?

Man. My life has been a whirlwind since I've been back from the walk! There is a LOT going on, and it's making me tired.
Oh, and I signed up for the 1st Annual Pancreatic Cancer 5K Walk/Run in can check out the details at my other blog! Drop me a donation, come out and walk with me, or just come out and see me because you miss my smiling face (wink-wink).

Wednesday, October 10, 2007


I have toelio. 3 Day toes. Frankenfoot.
My toes are swollen up like little snausages, my feet are swollen. I have blisters, and general skaggliness of the feet. It will probably be a good month before I can get a pedicure and pretty them back up again.
Last night, I soaked them in a basin of warm water and epsom salts again. Then I chilled in the Lazy Boy with a few pillows under them, to try and reduce the swelling. They seem a little better today.

Solar Decathalon

You all know what a green girl I am, I have talked about it here many times...I reduce, reuse, and recycle as much as I can. One thing I cannot do, and wish I could, is put some solar power in my house. Because I live in a condo, I am restricted as to what I can do with my windows and such..and even what I can do on the inside to a certain extent. Solar powered housing is the latest thing, I hear about it on the news and in the paper lately a lot, maybe I am only noticing it because it seems that "green" is the new "black"'s the cool thing to do!
So, now I hear about the BP Solar Decathlon, which is a joint event with the US Dept of Energy - they gather teams from Universities around the world to design, build and operate livable, every-efficient, and completely solar-powered houses! It's a week long competition, and this year it is being held on the National Mall in Washington DC - maybe our President will take notice? It starts tomorrow, and lasts until Oct 19th - one week to build the environmentally friendly house of Al Gore's dreams! BP is committed to discovering cost effective, clean energy solutions for everyday living, abd being a main sponsor for this event is a sign of their commitment. You can follow the progress of the event at the blog, where the teams will be posting progress, you may get some new ideas for your own home!

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

3 Day Poetry....

My friend Leebo posted this as a comment on my other blog - I am publishing him here, with his permission, as I thought it was humorous!

Welcome Back, or Ode to Cheryl’s Breasts and Feet
By Turk Thirsty
Age 12

My little Crabcake is back
For the breasts she did walk
She had a wonderful time
Oh, if those breasts could talk

Oh, if those breasts cold talk
What tales they would tell
About Cheryl and Tammy in Philly
And their breasts as well

So Cheryl walked for the breasts
On every danged Philly street
They cannot walk on their own
For if they could, they’d have feet

So Cheryl Ann is back
And what virtue she’s shown
For she has walked for the breasts
Who cannot walk on their own

Welcome back, Cheryl Ann
I do hope all is well
Even though you’re back at work
And your feet hurt like hell

She has walked for the breasts
We donated much money for sure
And if we ever see those puppies
We might donate more

THE END, until next year

Monday, October 08, 2007


I am back, and you can read all about my 3 Day experience at my other blog.

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Good Times.

Note: If you are in any way grossed out or appalled at the open discussion of "women" type things, please read no further.

All week I waited. I checked the calendar and knew it was coming. I read my body for any signs of the inevitable. I was hoping it would come early, so as to not have to deal with it during the 3 Day Walk. But. It was not to be.
I got the Cramptastic wake up call at 05:30 this morning.

60 miles of Port-O-Potty tampon swapping.

Good times.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007


I leave tomorrow for the Breast Cancer 3 Day Walk, you can read all about my big packing fun at my other blog. I think I finally have everything I need, after another last minute run to Target for a disposable camera (you wanted pictures, right?!), and a battery operated pump for the air mattress, still haven't figured out how I am going to get that into my bag.....! I clipped my toenails down nice and short last night, and painted them....if I do end up having to go to the medical tent, I cannot have my toes show up unadorned!


I redid both of my bathrooms a while back, changed out the sinks and all, the old ones were original and they were on my original list of things to get re-done. One thing I wish I had done is gotten some of these Price Pfister faucets. I went with the standard big box store brand, as I was on a budget....they are nice, but you can really class up a bathroom with some of the fancier faucets ! Hind sight is 20/20 right?
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Tuesday, October 02, 2007


Free Sample of Betty Crocker Warm Delights Mini's here .

How about some coffee to go with that? Free sample of Dunkin Donuts brew here.

Monday, October 01, 2007

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month!

It is now officially Breast Cancer Awareness month, so wear something pink, and tell a woman that you love to get a Mammogram!

There are a LOT of pink items out in the stores right now, from M&M's to Sunchips to TicTacs...just be sure to read the label and ensure your money is actually going towards breast cancer, just because you purchase something pink, doesn't mean you are sending some donation money their way - it will tell you on the packaging if a portion of the purchase price is going to charity.

I noticed the referees in yesterday's Bucs vs Carolina game had pink ribbons and bracelets on....not sure if it had anything to do with awareness month, I didn't hear the announcers say anything.