Friday, October 19, 2007


If you read my other blog, then you know I am back from my business trip. I spent my day cleaning, doing laundry, and doing some Halloween decorating aroung the house. I don't have too much lined up this weekend, some football and errands.
The Breast Cancer 3 Day started here in Tampa this morning, my younger Sister is walking in was very hot out today, so I have no doubt she was miserable, and it also rained. Not good. I feel for her, but that is the reason that I chose NOT to walk here...I knew. October is still a hot month for us. Hope she's doing well, along with all of the other walkers. I did not see much on the news about it, nor did I see mention of it in the local paper - not sure why, though the Clearwater Jazz Holiday is this weekend also and it got a lot of press, maybe they hogged it all!


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