Tuesday, October 09, 2007

3 Day Poetry....

My friend Leebo posted this as a comment on my other blog - I am publishing him here, with his permission, as I thought it was humorous!

Welcome Back, or Ode to Cheryl’s Breasts and Feet
By Turk Thirsty
Age 12

My little Crabcake is back
For the breasts she did walk
She had a wonderful time
Oh, if those breasts could talk

Oh, if those breasts cold talk
What tales they would tell
About Cheryl and Tammy in Philly
And their breasts as well

So Cheryl walked for the breasts
On every danged Philly street
They cannot walk on their own
For if they could, they’d have feet

So Cheryl Ann is back
And what virtue she’s shown
For she has walked for the breasts
Who cannot walk on their own

Welcome back, Cheryl Ann
I do hope all is well
Even though you’re back at work
And your feet hurt like hell

She has walked for the breasts
We donated much money for sure
And if we ever see those puppies
We might donate more

THE END, until next year


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