Monday, October 15, 2007

Blog Action Day

Bloggers Unite - Blog Action Day Today is Blog action day, when all bloggers get together to post about environmental issues.
I have blogged before about my efforts to be green, and reduce my carbon footprint.

I recycle my garbage & newspapers.
I try to buy things made with recycled paper.
I installed a Pur water filter in my faucet so I do not have to buy bottled water, and throw more plastic bottles into the recycler.
I say “neither” when asked “paper or plastic?” at the grocery, and hand the bagger my canvas bags.

So, I was saddened this weekend I was at the local recycling center, dropping off my recyclables - and I someone had used it as a dumping ground. Yes, someone took their boxes of old used junk (books, electronics, videos, computer parts) ..and left it on the ground at the RECYCLING CENTER! How rude is that? There is a Goodwill doantion trailer about a mile up the road people - can you take your junk there and not illegally dump it at the recycling center? Thanks.


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