Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Help Wanted

Saw something on TV the other day in regards to unemployment - seems like depending on what area you are in, everyone has a different opinion on how the market is moving. I know some people on a Philadelphia job search who are not having much luck, and others in the Southeast who get job offers daily. I guess it's a regional thing.

Not Losing

Sitting here watching The Biggest Loser, more effective than the most effective diet pills, realizing what a marketing machine this show has become over the years. They have product placement all over the show - everything from Brita pitchers, Ziploc steam bags, Subway - even their own brand! Biggest Loser cookbooks, scales, and protein powder! They are losing weight and making money!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

I Heart Publix

Publix has some great deals on health items right now, check the healthy advatage buy flyer in front of store, and combine Publix Q's with your Mfg Q's to maximize your won't want to miss this chance to stock up your medicine cabinet!

2 Sundown vitamins $10.48
Minus Publix Q $6 off 2
Minus 2/ $1 off mfg Q

$1.24 each!!!!

2 Aleve 24 count $7.02
Minus Publix Q $5 off 2 Bayer products
Minus 2 / $2 peelies found on boxes

$1.98 OVERAGE!!!! (Make sure you have a "filler" item if you do this deal!)

Advil 50 count $6.43
Minus Publix Q $3
Minus Mfg Peelie $1

But wait..there is a $5 mail in mfg rebate on this, so it ends up being FREE with overage after rebate!!

I also picked up the BOGO Ritz while I was there, as I had a coupon, these ended up helping with my "overage"...!!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Work in Progress

Cabinets are picked out, and he will order them next week.
Countertop has been picked out.
I have started bringing home boxes to empty out my kitchen and take down the old cabinets.
By the end of February I may have a new kitchen!!


They have all these commercials / infomercials on the best acne treatments, who knows what works best for each individual? I was lucky enough to not have a need for them, even when I was a teen...I think it's in your genes, as I had a normal teenage diet filled with junk food!

Good for me

My doctor is a bit of a naturalist, which I like. She's always pushing natural / organic foods & diet - which I adhere to a point. I drink organic milk, use raw sugar, and love greek yogurt. I'm a tad skeptical about some of the "organic products on the market, and it's not a frugal choice to go that route! She has me on a lot of multivitamins though, and I have no idea if they work or not...I don't feel any different!


I went to a miniature art show this week with a friend. There were paintings and sketches as small as postage stamps! I assume those artists need eye wrinkle treatment for all the squinting over the years! It was very unique and interesting....they had magnifying glasses at every display so you could see the detail of the work.

Saw it

Now that Christmas is over, all of the "as seen on TV" gadgets are on clearance! The Snuggies were marked down, as were the paw clippers, blackhead extractors, and the magic hair removers! Where do people come up with these ideas?


Tomorrow is Championship Sunday, the day we find out who will be in the Superbowl. I find myself pulling for the Jets, me being from Jersey and all - cousins favorite team. However, I also have a soft spot for Favre, and the Saints have never been! We shall see what happens. One thing I do know, the hotels in miami will be filling up quickly!

Saturday, January 16, 2010


Speaking of savings, some of the cash I used to pay for my redecorating came from my Paypal account, which I add to by searching on Swagbucks! If you have not signed up, you need to do this also! You can earn swagbucks for searching the internet - something you are doing anyway - and you trade your "swagbucks" in for giftcards to all sorts of places like Amazon, Starbucks and/or CASH in your Paypal account! What are you waiting for? It's FREE money! Go here and sign up NOW!!

Patience, Grasshopper

The redecorating of the spare room is moving along. Not as quickly as I would like, but hey, some of us are trying to do things on a budget!
The new futon cover came in, it's made for a slightly thicker mattress (my futon is pretty old, but it works) - so a mattress topper will fix that! I researched prices and found the good ones (Memory Foam) are about $99!! ON SALE!! That's a tad more than I wanted to spend.
Patience pays off.
I waited and found one on sale at JC - HALF OFF at $54.
A quick search turned up a FREE SHIPPING coupon code! (NEVER buy online without searching for a coupon code!)
And, of course, I ordered it through Ebates - gaining me 3% cash back on my purchase!!
I am pleased with that little deal
You are not familiar with Ebates?
Please. Do yourself a favor and go here to sign up.
It's FREE. You will get a $5 bonus for signing up, and you will get cash back on your purchases! Up to 25% at NUMEROUS stores/websites that you probably already shop at!! Why are you doing so without paying yoruself back?? Go NOW!!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

2 Wheeler

A friend of mine has been trying to get me to buy a motorcycle. Umm..NO. I am not a daredevil, don't even care about riding on one, and wish no need for a motorcycle accident attorney! I have grown attached to my body parts...and feel the need to have a steel frame around me when I drive!


Loving my new laptop with all of it's laptop memory , even though it's purchase facilitated the need to redecorate my spare room! LOL! Without a desktop, there was no need for a bulky desk, I got a new smaller piece of furniture at Ikea for my desk area and am redoing the entire room! I'll keep you posted...that is, if anyone is there.

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Money Crashers 2010 New Year Giveaway!

The folks over at Money Crashers are hosting an awesome contest, there are over $5000 in prizes!! Everything from ca$h to iPods to gift cards!! It lasts a month, and you can enter numerous different ways!! Head on over here and see how you can gain your entries!