Monday, June 30, 2008

The BEST Record in Baseball!

That would be US.
The Tampa Bay Rays.
Halfway point in the season and WE are leading the pack.
Half a game ahead of the Red Sox as we start a 3 game home stance against them.
Believe it now?
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Sunday, June 29, 2008


I forgot to update that Stepdad finally got his Stimulus check. It went to the old house! And apprently sat there, as the new owner was trying to find out how to get it to us through their realtor. I finally got a call from our realtor with a message to call them as the new owner had some mail. Got in touch with new owner who stated she had some mail, including the US Treasury check - she did not want to send it back to them knowing it would get lost in the shuffle and we may never see it! I thanked her many times over and asked her to please drop everything in an envelope and send it out to us.
Now, if we have done a change of address with the USPS, why is mail still going to the old addy? DO these things expire, or is the post office juat another one of these Govt agencies where things get lost in the shuffle? How can you be sure that your mailman is not on Anoretix and something important is going to be forwarded??

Weekend Update

Not too much happening around here this weekend.

Spent yesterday morning at the salon getting girlified, spent some time with Stepdad, and did laundry. Funsies.
Need to run to the grocery and pick up a few things for the July 4th BBQ next week,then to Target too look for a flash drive, and later today I am taking Nephew & his Girlfriend to dinner at BD's Mongolian BBQ for his birthday.

Oh, I watched my latest Netflix, Mad Money, don't waste your time. It was fairly lame, and not funny.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

That was a Great Year

Tonight is 80's night at the Trop, where our beloved Tampa Bay Rays play baseball. They are wearing throwback unfiforms, there is a free concert after the game with Kool & The Gang - and the give away are some vintage sunglasses, probably with the Rays logo on them somewhere. I got a sneak preview, and there is a pair for the men, and a different pair for the ladies! I love team SWAG!! Tomorrow, for family day, all of the kids going to the game are getting sunglasses as well!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


And, that reminds me.
I have been patiently waiting for Stepdad's stimulus payment to come.
I checked the IRS website, it told me that because we used a tax service to do his taxes, his check would be mailed. I was okay with this, as I have had all of ther mail forwarded to my house.
It gave me a date, and I waited some more.
I'm wondering, are these people on Phentermine or what? Where is his check?
The realtor called me yesterday, the new owner that bought Mom & Stepdad's house is still getting some of their mail. She gave me their number, I called - BINGO. His stimulus check was not forwarded.
Damn IRS.
The new owner was generous and kind enough to mail it to me.
Thank you.


All of my bloodwork came back and the Dr called and wants me to start the Thyroid pill. MAN!
They called in an RX for Armour Thyroid (the one I wanted to go on if I HAD to)....I did a quick internet search and printed out a coupon good for a $25 gift card with a new RX at CVS (the good thing to come out of this!) - and finally picked it up today.
I'm not real happy about it, but I am not going to close all the blinds and get myself in a depressed funk over it. The Doctor knows whats best, and I am just going to pay attention to my body and ensure there are no funky side effects!

Sunday, June 08, 2008

Winn Dirty

I had a visit with Stepdad today, brought him a plate of food and some of my homemade banana nut muffins. We had to run to the store to get him milk, cookies, and I decided to run into the local Winn Dixie because we were going right by.
I haven't been in a Winn Dixie in a LONG time, I have always considered them at the bottom of the grocery chains. Now I remember why.
Maybe it was because this location is an older store. Or, maybe they are all like that.
The entire store had an unpleasant odor.
The deli counter was dirty.
You are selling FOOD here people - you want the store to be clean and smell nice! Someone needs to go in there in some 5.11 Tactical Shorts and clean the joint up!
The prices were high, and they will not give you the sale price unless you have their shopper card. $4.19 for a pkg of Oreos. Are you kidding me? KEEP THEM!
Well, I don't have your shopper card because I do not shop in your nasty little store.
And I will NOT be coming back.
Next time, we'll go the extra mile to get to Publix, it's worth the gas money!

Thursday, June 05, 2008

For Sale

SO...another nibble on Mom & Stepdad's Travel Trailer leads to another low ball offer. I do not have a bus for sale here people, it's a 26' travel trailer that sleeps 6 and has never been on the road! Why is everyone offering my about $5K LESS than what I am asking? I think that thing is going to be sitting behind Sister's house for quite some time, at least until the economy rebounds.
I talked to Stepdad's financial guy today, about reducing some of his monthly income he is taking from his IRA's, seeing as how I have him budgeted down to a lot less now and he is living very comfortably on it. I also spoke to him about how I am going to be aggressively sending money towards the principle on the RV loan - as that thing is eating up his money in interest! Hopefully, I can chop it down a chunk by the fall, and then we can revisit the asking price.

Thyroid Follow Up

WARNING: This post may get a tad graphic for you!
So, I had my follow up visit with the doctor today. She was also giving me my annual physical.....and I narrowly escaped the intruder alert! She put the rubber gloves away when I advised her what time of the month it was for me! WHEW! bloodwork came back and confirmed what she told me last month. My thyroid is extremely overactive. I told her if I had to go on an RX, I would - but I prefer not to since I have no symptoms. She's looking for one though! We discussed how often I go number 2 (or "have a budget meeting" as we call it at work!)...well, anyone who knows me knows that I am NOT regular. I take fiber pills, flaxseed oil fiber filled my best I am every other day. She tells me how I am supposed to go every day, actually AFTER EVERY , MEAL. (I am so jealous of those people) I chuckle at her "only guys can do that"....
She raises her eyebrow, "well, irregularity is one of the symptoms of thyroid problems".
Are you looking for symptoms, Doctor?
So, I asked her about different things I could do, or take, to increase productivity down there. One of the things I asked her about was the new LiveActive line of products from Kraft - are they for real, or is that a bunch of bunk?
She looked at me...."Well, they have a good sell going on don't they?"..
Yeah, it's crap, right? (no pun intended)
"It has probiotics in it, which is what you need to get things moving - but not enough to really make a difference. You are better off eating organic plain yogurt, it has the same probiotics, and less sugar."
I love yogurt, and eat the organic brands, but the plain is so...PLAIN.
"Put some fruit in it"
I am going back in 3 weeks for an ultrasound on my thyroid - she thought she felt some swelling. And, she is waiting for one more test result from my bloodwork - but it seems in 3 months I am going on an RX for this little problem.
And, she gave me ANOTHER supplement, Ortho Biotic - promotes Gastrointestinal Support (has 20 BILLION CFU's , or colony forming units, of probiotics!)
My morning vitamin bin is getting quite full!
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