Thursday, June 05, 2008

Thyroid Follow Up

WARNING: This post may get a tad graphic for you!
So, I had my follow up visit with the doctor today. She was also giving me my annual physical.....and I narrowly escaped the intruder alert! She put the rubber gloves away when I advised her what time of the month it was for me! WHEW! bloodwork came back and confirmed what she told me last month. My thyroid is extremely overactive. I told her if I had to go on an RX, I would - but I prefer not to since I have no symptoms. She's looking for one though! We discussed how often I go number 2 (or "have a budget meeting" as we call it at work!)...well, anyone who knows me knows that I am NOT regular. I take fiber pills, flaxseed oil fiber filled my best I am every other day. She tells me how I am supposed to go every day, actually AFTER EVERY , MEAL. (I am so jealous of those people) I chuckle at her "only guys can do that"....
She raises her eyebrow, "well, irregularity is one of the symptoms of thyroid problems".
Are you looking for symptoms, Doctor?
So, I asked her about different things I could do, or take, to increase productivity down there. One of the things I asked her about was the new LiveActive line of products from Kraft - are they for real, or is that a bunch of bunk?
She looked at me...."Well, they have a good sell going on don't they?"..
Yeah, it's crap, right? (no pun intended)
"It has probiotics in it, which is what you need to get things moving - but not enough to really make a difference. You are better off eating organic plain yogurt, it has the same probiotics, and less sugar."
I love yogurt, and eat the organic brands, but the plain is so...PLAIN.
"Put some fruit in it"
I am going back in 3 weeks for an ultrasound on my thyroid - she thought she felt some swelling. And, she is waiting for one more test result from my bloodwork - but it seems in 3 months I am going on an RX for this little problem.
And, she gave me ANOTHER supplement, Ortho Biotic - promotes Gastrointestinal Support (has 20 BILLION CFU's , or colony forming units, of probiotics!)
My morning vitamin bin is getting quite full!
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  • Even though you're 11 years older than I am, I never think of you as being "old".

    Thanks to this post, I do. LMAO!

    By Blogger Colleen, at 7:51 PM  

  • You are a brave woman to post this. I think it is more common a problem, but one no one wants to talk about.

    Anyway - I will chat with you.

    A few years back, I got tired of always being const.i.pated. And I spent a week in hell, drinking this COLON CLEANSE STUFF. Tasted terrible. I mean terrible. But I followed the instructions, drank my shakes and I became pretty regular. I think it was an organic miracle. I'd spent my whole life struggling with it and never told anyone. I could go 3-4 days.

    Now, 2 days is a bad spell and thankfully, doesn't happen often.

    Now to maintain - since years have past, I also supplement a glass of water, everyday, with Fibersure. Has no taste and mixes clear. I actually, got it as a trial for a survey and love it!

    Why don't you try this? While you are waiting for your next visit.

    By Blogger Dedicated, at 8:09 AM  

  • What a pain in the ass... or not. Okay, enough ass talk. Anyways, that sucks. Fortunate for me, but unfortunate for you, I am one of those regulars that goes after every meal. It's like clock work. I just hope it lasts and I don't eventually hit a wall.

    By Blogger Mic Man, at 12:07 PM  

  • Colleen - kepp laughing, your time will come!
    D- Thanks for the Fibersure tip, I'll try anything!
    Matthew - You know you get that from your Father, right?

    By Blogger Cheryl, at 12:21 PM  

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