Thursday, May 22, 2008

Fuel Frog

I have been tracking my gas mileage over at Fuel Frog. It's free, and it's a neat tool to keep track of your mileage, and how much you are spending on can even chart your mileage against trends for similiar models. I am extremely pleased to report that I am currently getting 26 MPG /city with my '06 Sonata! HA! Maybe I should tell Hyundai what great mileage I am getting in their SEDAN - which they have not promoted in the past as an "economy" car? I have a co-worker who just bought a Toyota Matrix, and was bragging about the great mileage it gets and how much money they will save on gas.....when I told him I get the same with my sedan - they were less than pleased!
I am going out of town this weekend, so I will be able to test out the Highway mileage numbers!
Zero Halliburton


  • During Survivor GMC was running ads promoting their new hybrid SUV. It only got 18 MPG, which is the same as my NON hybrid Ford Explorer. I think GMC needs to go back to the drawing board if that's their idea of a hybrid.

    By Blogger Colleen, at 8:58 PM  

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