Wednesday, December 30, 2009


We have another pregancy at work, coworkers wife is carrying their 2nd girl. Looks like they will need some baby girl announcements again. They were hoping for a boy so as to be finished, now they may keep going to try and get that perfect mix. At least with another girl, they have a lot of hand-me-downs to keep the expenses down!

That Darn Cat

WIll not stay off of my bed! He now thinks it is very cool to wrestle with the throw blanket I have on there in the winter, and just generally lounge around as if the entire room were his! I shut him out of there during the day, and when I get home he immediately runs in there and hangs out! If this keeps up I will have to get one of those allergy mattress covers!

White Christmas

Wow, it has been really cold around here this week! Am thankful fro my Snuggie, and last night was thinking maybe an electric blanket was in order! OK, maybe not THAT cold, but dipping down to the high 30's at night - pretty chilly for those of us not used to it!