Saturday, July 30, 2011

Christmas in July

Yes, its that time again. Time to start looking for sales, stashing away gifts, thinking about Christmas invitations! Less than 6 months until Christmas, and if you plan properly you will not be out spending money you do not have at the last minute for gifts! Nor will you be stressing over last minute details of your menu, baking, and stocking stuffers. If you plan properly and pick things up year round, the holidays can be a relaxed non stressful time with your family and friends.

Saturday, July 23, 2011


All I see in the paper and on the news anymore are stories about prescription drug abuse. People getting bogus prescriptions, or buying and selling pills on the's sad. Something needs to be done to stop this problem, some inpatient substance abuse treatment is on order. There are people who have legitimate pain and needs these pills, but the bad seeds are going to ruin it for everyone.

Back to school

It's only July, but already all of the back to school aisles are filled, and the ads are all touting sales on pencils, paper and notebooks! One big ticket item to buy right now is a laptop, the best prices on them are this time of year, you can get Laptops for students at the source, or at any of your big box electronic stores.


Going to need to invest in a new one of those yoga mats for my boot camp class. And, a thicker one, not one of those thin ones. We work outside on the pavement, and I do not like feeling rocks under my may when I am doing planks and pushups!

Cut it

In my line of work, we go through a lot of utility knives. They are used in the warehouse for opening pallets and boxes. We buy them by the case...but for some reason, whenever I need one, there are none to be found? I think everyone walks away with them in their pocket and leaves them on their desk and not out in the warehouse where they belong.


Got up really early this morning to go for my Saturday morning run. I ran along the bay in Safety Harbor, such a beautiful run..the park is all shaded, and there is a nice breeze coming off the bay, early enough that its not ungodly hot! Who needs weightloss pills when I have this?
Feels good knowing my workout is done and the rest of the day is MINE!

Monday, July 18, 2011

HOT Summer

Guest post written by Derick Burks

It has been so hot outside here in Columbia, SC that I haven’t wanted to go outside if it was the last thing to do in the entire world. I swear to you it gets hotter every single summer. When I was a kid, I would just go to the pool and stay there all day. However, now that I’m older, I don’t really like to go to the pool as much anymore. I made myself go last week with a group of friends, but the water wasn’t nearly as refreshing as I wanted it to be. It kind of felt like a hot tub! Plus, I got burned because I didn’t wait long enough in between when I put my sunscreen on and when I went in the hot tub aka the pool. I ended up ordering Satellite at directSTARTV , which has made the summer a little more bearable. I set up my treadmill in front of the TV, and watch shows that I’ve recorded- which at least keeps me moving! Hopefully the weather will cool down soon so I can go back outside! For now, I’m staying put with the air conditioning!

Saturday, July 09, 2011


I have been with the same "big name" insurance carrier for many years, I'm loyal like that. I thought I was getting the best deal possible on my car insurance. Boy was I wrong. I was seeing al these commercials about lower cost carriers, so I started comparing insurance quotes and saved a ton of money, and got better coverage, by switching! You never know, so make the call and ask.

Saturday, July 02, 2011


When I installed my surround sound system, I had to get some sort of wall and floor cord covers to hide the wiring. We searched many stores before finding what we needed at the local home improvement warehouse....I was not about to have wires hanging all over my walls like spider webs! Of course, now that everyone is wall mounting their TV's, these things are much easier to find, and a lot cheaper!