Saturday, September 18, 2010


Started watching the new season of Apprentice, Trump put a twist on this one by only including contestants who were out of work due to the recession. I like that idea, it gives people a better chance. It also creates a nice mix of contestants with baried backgrounds - we have everything from Lawyers, college grads, financial advisors, a beauty contestant, and a few froom technology jobs.

Will never understand

A friend of mine lost his Mom to lung cancer, not sure if her's was Mesothelioma or not. She never smoked a day in her life, nor did anyone in her house. I am always urging my smoking friends to stop, as you can get cancer from it, besides it's just a nasty habit. I guess cancer can touch anyone at anytime, no matter how careful you are.

O Town

Been a long time since i headed east on I4 for an Orlando vacation. Lately, I'm feeling I've had my fill of theme parks and all that goes with them, so I've been taking my tourism dollars out of state. Sorry Florida, but that's the way it is.

Boot Them

I live in Florida, where you don't get much use out of a's just too hot for that kind of footwear around here, no matter what time of year it is. And those ugg boots? Well, I think they are called that because they are UGGly......but it is NEVER cold enough around here to be wearing those furry things.


I got some new furniture for my lanai, a nice new design and redecorated out there. I do not have room for outdoor chaise lounges out there, but I settled on a nice loveseat / chair set, with tropical motif cushions. It has everything i need out there, comfort and style.


I do not have one of those wholesale computers - I think thats an area you should not skimp on, even if you are opening a business type situation. You need good technology to get the job done, and with wholesale lots you never know what you are going to get.


One of the things I love about the gameday experience is the tailgating. You see vehicles and setups of all kinds. You have your tents, your grillers, your picnickers, your wanderers. I've always wanted to get one of those rv loans and tailgate in the pure style of that hookup! Of course, I do not have an rv, so I tailgate out of my trunk!

Hot Game

Went to The Swamp for opening weekend, GAMEDAY. had a great time soaking up the college gameday atmoshpere, having some drinks and good food...wandering around campus and my old stomping grounds. And then, we went to our seats, and it was about 115 degrees in that stadium....I thought we were going to need emergency medical assistance for heat exposure. There was not enough water in Gainesville to keep me hydrated. Brutal.

Horsing around

I can't wait for the horse track to open with live racing. I always have such a good time out there, placing small bets on the ponies. Some based on names, some based on the equestrian clothing and colors. Any horse could win, there's no sure thing - it's all a game of luck. But, its fun.


When i got my new kitchen I waited about a month before I put the hardware in. I was looking for some type of different industrial handles for my cabinets. I finally found what I was looking for, and then waited to see if I could get them for a great price (of course).....well, I found them ON CLEARANCE at Target of all places. BAM.

Sunday, September 05, 2010


I just got back from a vacation a few weeks ago ,and I ready for another one! A cruise perhaps, or flight to a faraway island with friends....lots of alcohol, dancing, and stainless steel drums! Have to start thinking now about where our Girlfriend Getaway will be next year!


Funny how the economy / real estate problems only reach certain areas. I have heard of a lot of problems in my state, and Texas - but never anything of Outer Banks foreclosures, or other vacation destinations. Are people only foreclosing on their main homes and not vacation homes? How does that work?

Lanai Leakage

All of the heavy rain lately has caused a leak on my lanai. Roofers are fixing it as it comes from the skylight on the outside, luckily, that means I am not responsible..and the association is. I hope they do not have cheap insurance, as they are going to be fixing my lanai ceiling as well!


I was watching a show the other day about lottery winners and how they spend their money. Most of them buy new cars and houses, lots of gadgets and toys, and then Ferrari parts for their new toys.... and sometimes new cars or houses for family. The point of the show was how they all BLOW their money and don't save any!

Labor Day

Aptly named, as since I was out of town playing all day, I will have to catch up on laundry, dishes, vacuuming, cleaning toilets, and other assorted household chores that need done. It's not fun, but someone has to do it until I can afford the maid service! Actually, my Mother had a maid service, and they kind of I'm thinking I would not be pleased with their work. May as well just do it myself.


it's opening weekend for college football, my favorite time of year! I headed up to Gainesville to watch my Gators take on Miami of Ohio at The Swamp. Has a fantastic day. Arrived early so we could take in the entire gameday atmosphere - the drinking, the tailgating, the smoking of early victory cigars, watching the band make the trek to the stadium, seeing the decorated cars and fans! It was a great day, well worth the 2 1/2 hour drive!