Friday, December 24, 2010

G Town

Anyone who knows me, knows what a HUGE Gator fan I am. It started many years ago, when my Grandfather bought me a Gator shirt....I had no idea who the Gators were when I was 12, but I learned fast. My Gator love continued when my closest high school friends went to school there and I started visiting them on weekends, and we would travel up for games after they graduated. I refer to Gainesville as God's Country...because of my love for the team, and I think it is a beautiful city as well. Everytime I go back, I find a new Gator themed item to purcahse! You can even get orange and blue arrangements via cheap flower delivery in Gainesville FL!


The last minute hustle and bustle is upon us! After a run on the beach yesterday, I had to run into a Hallmark store to get a card....WOW....that store was packed! Shoppers looking for last minute gifts for her this Christmas, and him too! The holiday card section was sparse, the ornament display as well. I did wait until the last minute to get a card, but these people were filling their baskets with gifts! I think people spend more money in the last few days leading up to Christmas...just because there is something in the air and they decide to buy for everyone! I'm okay with others stimulating the economy so that I don't have to!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Black Friday

I did not go Black Friday shopping this year, I was out of town visiting family. I do no think I would have went even if I had stayed home, as I was not in need of anything this year. Last year, I did go out at the crack of dawn to get a laptop computer....I had narrowed my search down to a few brands and checked all prices. I did not end up with the Asus, as I found a better deal on a different model. I went to one store, bought what I went in for, and went home. Is that still considered Black Friday shopping?

Saturday, December 04, 2010


I saw an srticle in a magazine the other day that said more people are buying cubic zirconia rings rather than real stones due to the economy. Really, if you get a good one, you can hardly tell the difference..and the untrained eye probably can't tell the difference. I would not recommend doing this without telling the recipient don't want anyone thinking you are a cheapskate! LOL!

Hot off the press

After re-decorating my spare room, and setting up my desk/work space...I STILL have not set up my printer! You can see how much I have a need to print at home. Other than coupons, not too much. I tend to do my printing at work. I am going to have to set that as one of my chores this month though...get that bad boy set up and get some brother tn350 black toner cartridge so I can start printing when the need arises.

Thursday, December 02, 2010


Just returned from a trip to the chilly northeast to vist family for the holiday, it was nice to get away for a while. Packed up my long pants, and closed toe shoes for this one! Normally, I am a flip flop girl..but, when the weather turns chilly, I have to put real shoes on.
It snowed Thanksgiving day, which was a nice surprise. Nothing major, just enough fat flakes to make this Florida girl happy - didn't need to break out the snowshoes or anything! Weather stayed pretty chilly the entire trip, mid 40's during the day. Everything is drab up there in winter, gets dark at 4:30...I don't think I could take much of that! I like to see the sun, and some greenery...and when it gets dark at a normal hour, like 6pm. Nice to put slippers on and sit by the fire with cocoa when it's cold though.
But, this Florida girl is happy to be home!