Sunday, March 27, 2011


I was in the running store the other day checking out some gear, and someone came in and was at the aisle with the energy/protein bars looking for diet pills that work! You are not going to find that in this store, only the gear you need to get out and move that body which will naturally cause you to lose weight!

Slim Shady

I see more and more new diet products on the market..some kind of magic HCG juice, anothe shot of something that looks like a coffee creamer from a diner, some slimvox....when are people going to get it? There is no magic pill/juice/drink that will make you lose weight......exercise and eating right will do it every time!

On The Wall

Thinking about a flat screen in the bedroom, problem with that is, need to find some space to mount it on the wall..which can cause some furniture moving and lcd tv mounts, to ensure it is in the proper place for viewing. When did buying a TV become so much work? used to be you bought one and stuck it on a table and you were more.

Old News

Every day when I open the paper I am bombarded with "sell your gold" ads. Is this a sign of the times? I see people on the side of the road in front of pawn shops holding signs that say "buy gold coins", or TV ads stating "sell Grandma's gold and antique jewelry"....everyone is trying to make a quick buck by selling what they used to think was valuable.