Tuesday, April 29, 2008

FREE Comic Book Day!

Saturday is the Eric Clapton concert, which I am very much looking forward to...but it is also FREE COMIC BOOK DAY! I grew up on Archie's and Spiderman..I remember when you could buy a comic book anywhere - these days, not so much.
Saturday, comic book stores across the nation give away free comics to encourage readers everywhere to join in the wonder of a great comic. My local store is going to have some great writers and artists in the store, so I will be making a trip there Saturday morning to check it out.
I am a grown woman and I read comics.
I have a thing for the Green Arrow.
Sue me.


A friend of mine welcomed a new member to their family earlier this month - I was over in Cocoa at the estate sale when I got the text. I have not had time to go out and get them a gift of baby clothes to send up there. When there son was born I sent a little Univeristy of Florida Onsie....which they insisted on calling "Alligators" seeing as how they live in Boston and are BC fans. Hmm, they are big Red Sox fans as well....maybe a little Rays gear is in order?!

Monday, April 28, 2008

Join the Revolution!

Revolution Money Exchange, that is!

Revolution Money Exchange is a website where you can send and recieve money - but with NO FEES!! That's right, it's FREE to sign up and it costs NOTHING to send and receive money to and from anyone in the network!! AND, to sweeten the pot, for a limited time you can get $25 automatically deposited into your account upon signup! You don't have to add any money, just sign up!
FREE MONEY PEOPLE!! Email me and I will send you a referral to get your FREE Twenty Five Bucks!!

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Family Business

This morning I got up early and went out to get my oil changed. Then I headed up to Stepdads and took him to the bank to open a savings account, and to the grocery to stock up on things he was out of. Back at his house I did some cleaning, including the patio furniture, it is really nice out and he likes to sit out there and read the paper. I fixed him some lunch and he is all set for the day!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008


I was looking at a sale flyer the other day for Bed Bath & Beyond or one of those kind of stores, eyeballing one of those rainshower shower faucets...I have always wanted one of those, but could never justify spending almost $100 on a shower head! I guess I'll stick with the shower massage until it wears out on me and then re-thin the rainfall one.

Sunday, April 20, 2008


Today is my birthday dinner at Stepmoms. I asked for a cookout: burgers, her homemade potato salad, cole slaw, deviled eggs....summertime comfort food! I am looking forward to hanging out by the pool with the kids, and eating a fine meal!

Friday, April 18, 2008


I have Brother in Law who loves watches, he collects all of these fancy expensive ones...I had never heard of Tag Heuer until he told me! Sister even had to get him a watch box to put them all in, it's like a jewelry box for your watches. Imagine all the money he could get selling them! One that I am sure he does not have in his collection, and could get a lot of cash for is a Patek Perpetual.

The Biggest Loser

Did you see the season finale of The Biggest Loser? I was so happy to see a woman finally win the title. It was great, I love to see all the transformations! Some of them don't even look like the same person! And, they do it all with proper nutrition and exercise, NOT by trying to find weight loss pills that work, or surgery. It's nice to see that it really CAN be done the old fashioned way!

Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band!

I am going to see Bruce on Monday night with Sister and her husband - looking forward to it as I have never seen him in concert. His keyboard player died, and they cancelled 2 of the Florida shows to pay respects to the family, as far as I know our show is still on.

Monday, April 14, 2008


Soon it will be time to plan my annual girl's weekend.....can't wait! This year it has been hard earned, and I have waited a long time to get away and just relax! I called some of the girls this weekend and started the ball rolling so we can pick a weekend and get moving. Most of them have kids, way past the baby shower invitations stage - more like elementary and middle school age, so they have to make arrangements with the Husbands to ensure the family is taken care of while we are off talking about them, sunning ourselves and drinking!! Woot!!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Baked Chicken

I used McCormick Bag-n-Season for the first time, and was very pleased with the results! **Note: I am not getting paid to tell you this - just thought I would share!
I am cooking a lot more now that we are sharing plates with Stepdad, so I have made three meals this weekend - and shared some with him, saved some in the freezer - and I have meals all week now!
One of the meals I made was chicken, which was on sale this week $1.49/lb for a cut up fryer...I knew I could get a few meals out of that $5 purchase, so I snagged it! I was looking for something easy to make, so I also got a McCormick Bag & Season for chicken. I was alittle skeptical, but gave it a chance. This morning I cut up some onions, taters, and carrots that I had , seasoned the chicken according to the directions, threw it all into the bag and then a baking dish - one hour later I had a fine meal of baked chicken! NO MESS - it was all in the bag, just rinsed the baking dish and put it away!! I LOVE THAT!! Only about 10 minutes of prep time, and 1 hour in the oven and you have a complete and tasty meal!

Friday, April 11, 2008

Random Friday Stuff

Spent my evening organizing and pricing for our community yard sale tomorrow morning, here's hoping I make a few extra bucks to throw into the TV fund!

Had to go to GNC to get Snoopy's Amino Fuel, they had a lot of lipovox reviews, must be the latest thing in diet pills.

Tonight I discovered Ben & Jerry's BIRTHDAY CAKE ice cream! YUM! Tastes like Duncan Hines yellow cake mix with chocolate frosting mixed in...and just happens to be the cake I asked for this year! HA!

Thursday, April 10, 2008


So, I had to go and see customers today, and got to have lunch with the RAYS! The Tampa Bay Rays! Awesome!!! Well, not lunch with the actual team, but lunch at the training complex, with my contact over there, and some of the minor league players and coaches were there....all men and just me! Awesome! They liked having a woman around, I loved being the center of attention - and glad I got dressed up from my heels to my gold bangle earrings! Some days my job is a lot of fun!

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Earth Month Freebies

April is Earth Month, take a moment and look around, see if there is something else you can do to help the environment.

On Saturday April 19th, at 8am Wal Mart is GIVING AWAY ONE MILLION reusable shopping totes! Just go in and get one, that's it. You will have to get out of bed, but that's as hard as you have to work to get your FREE shopping tote! They are also giving all kids that come in a free packet of wildflower seeds!

AND, on Earth Day, April 22nd, Macy's is GIVING AWAY tree saplings to the first 100 people in each store, and and reusable shopping bags to the first 150 people!!

So there. Get a free bag, stop using all that plastic, plant a tree or a flower - and do your part for Mother Earth!

Monday, April 07, 2008


I am *this* close to my new HDTV!! Just waiting to see if it goes on sale, or I may just go in and haggle with the store. I researched Consumer Reports and picked out the model and size I want....I am going to wait until after my birthday though, in case any Best Buy gift cards come in for me - to help drive down my out of pocket. I told Nephew when I got it, he has to come over and help me hook it up, I wonder if I need to get any special HDMI cables or anything..? I don't know anything about the hookup, I'll have to look into that.

Sunday, April 06, 2008


After spending an entire weekend on the beach, I now have the opposite of skin whitening!! Got my first tan lines of the season! We got a lot of sun this weekend, even though it was overcast one day..being by the ocean can be decieving when you are used to the gulf beaches - there is such a nicer breeze off the Atlantic that you do not realize how warm it is or how long you have been out in the sun! My neigbor took on elook at me and said "you would think living here you would know better!" - yes, you would think....we had sunblock, but are bad about re-applying!

Estate Sale

We had the estate sale this weekend, and we made the decision to hire a company to do it for us. They do all the advertising, signs, take inventory and do all the market research on the items you are selling, set everything up, price it, and they manage the sale - you really do not have to even be present! For their work, they take a percentage of the revenue. We talked it over and decided since we had to have it on the other side of the state, it was well worth it to pay someone else to do all the work, and one of us (me) be there as a family rep in case of questions or anything. It worked out well, I am pleased with the company we hired, and the results of the sale!

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Opening Day

The boys of summer are back, and they have a new look! The Rays won their opening day game vs the Orioles, and they look pretty slick in their new colors and uniforms. I love sports, baseball included, and I have no doubt that I will be attending quite a few games this season.