Wednesday, May 27, 2009


I will be "out of office" so to speak, as I am leaving for vacation tomorrow. Headed out to Seattle with a friend to see the sights and relax. I have heard it is beautiful out there, and am looking forward to seeing it for myself. And, of course, Seattle is one of the "greenest" cities in the US - I'll be with my people - the few, the proud, the canvas bag carrying, recycling, tree huggers!
I'll have a full report with cad drawings when I get back!

14 Days

That's how long it rained here.
It was one for the books.
14 days with some kind of rainstorm, we are in a drought, but it got old real fast. Especially when the Memorial Day BBQ got rained out.
I think today is the first day in my parts that it has not rained at all. Not sure what is on tap for the weekend, nor am I concerned because I am out of here!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Ball Parkers

Next weekend is Memorial Day???!!! Already?
What better way to welcome summer than spend a Sunday afternoon at the ball park? That is exactly what I am doing today - taking Nephew and Niece to the Rays game to see if we can complete a home sweep of the Indians.
I go on vacation in less than 2 weeks, and am so looking forward to that! I only know of one person that has purchased travel insurance, and it came in very handy as she had a heart attack on a cruise ship and had to be ferried to the nearest port of call! Unfortunately, she did not make it. She was a frequent traveler though, and went doing what she loved most.
Do people really purchase enough trips to get annual travel insurance? That would be the life!