Wednesday, December 24, 2008


Speaking of diet pills....don't you ever wonder if those things ever work? I've heard of people taking Fenphedra, among others...and they say it is like speed - just increases your heart rate..? You can do that at the gym! Diet and exercise are the best way to lose weight, as you can see by The Biggest Loser! Those people work out like crazy and watch what they eat, and the weight just falls off! It would be nice if there were a magic pill that would do it, I know many people would buy it right after Christmas!

Christmas Eve

If you read my other blog, you kow that Christmas is not that Merry in my house this year...something is missing. I will. however, try to keep my chin up and be festive. Tonight is our annual Christmas Eve dinner at my Stepmom's house - serious food here people, I'm talking, you need to start taking diet pills immediately!! I won't have to eat for 2 days after this meal!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

After Christmas Sales

I usually get a VS giftcard for Christmas, and I usually spend it on their after Christmas semi annual sale, where I can get the most for my money! Everything from plain jane undies to sexy corsets will be marked down to rock bottom prices to make room for the spring line!!

Saturday, December 06, 2008


SO, they put Snoopy on a steroid to assist with his random says on the bottle "may cause excessive thrist and urination"..?!
Are you kidding me? As if hi Fanconi affected kidneys do not make hium pee enough? It's like I am dealing with a leaky faucet over here! All the boy does is drink and wee wee!


Big football weekend around here.
Your Florida Gators play Alabama for the SEC Championship at 4pm - winner s goes to the BCS NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP!!!
ACC Championship game is in Tampa today, Virginia Tech vs Boston College..I had an opportunity to go, but had too many other things to do today.

Holiday baking has begun.
I think I am going to pull out the decorations and put up the tree this weekend.

Bills to pay and checkbooks to balance and term life insurance quotes to gather.

Oh, and have to carve out some time for Stepdad in there too!