Saturday, May 28, 2011


My Grandmother was a longtime member of the Eastern Star organization, she had a lot of masonic jewelry with their logo on it. Not sure what happened to all of that after she passed away. A lot of things were tossed to the wayside that should have been passed on to future generations.

Smart Tag

I saw an article where they are coming out with "electronic" reward cards for stores. You know, all of those little keytags you have from the grocery, electronics, and drugstores? There is a new app where you can have it on your smartphone and just scan from there and not have to deal with all those little keytags. You knew it was coming. Soon you won't have to carry a wallet, everything will be in your smartphone!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The baby's site

This guest post from Doris Dillon

My mom kept begging me to put up blog since she had no interest in getting on Facebook or MySpace to look at pictures of our new baby. I kind of felt like it was a waste of time going to all the trouble to put up our own website, but now that I'm a few months in, it really seems worth it. Turns out, my mom's not the only one in the family that gets online to look at pictures of Jeremy as he grows up! First, my husband and I needed to buy a domain name suitable for all the children we had or were planning to have and once that was completed, a local designer worked with us for ! no charge to pick the best WordPress theme four our blog. Now that the whole thing’s up and running, I really like having a place to store all the pictures of Jeremy I take almost daily, and it's nice keeping up with family all over the country… Especially my sister in Japan!