Saturday, August 20, 2011

Gimme a Beat

I cannot run without my iPod. I need to music to keep me moving, and drown out the sound of my heavy breathing! I had been thinking about getting a newer model, maybe a ipod shuffle 2gb, because it is so small and compact - would be perfect for a good run!

Cooler days

I am anxious for the weather to cool off a bit, and not just because it is so difficult to run and workout in this humidity! I love the fall season, cooler temps, opening the windows and getting some fresh air...or closing them when it's cool and turning on the infrared heater.


hey've been saying it for about 3 years now, recession is a great time to buy! You can search through Table Rock real estate to find a great deal on some properties, of course, it being a recession and all....there's not really th emoney to buy while everything is so cheap!


Once again, I need to go shopping for christening gifts for boys, I thought this sort of gift was unisex. The standard seems to be a religous necklace of some sort, or a bible or plaque...or cash, of course, the universal gift!


There must be a lot of people going through medical assistant school, because I've seen an overrun of them at the doctor office. You can be part of the medical field, make a decent wage, without the hassle and student loans involved in medical school!

Sunday, August 07, 2011


I have another race on the horizonm this time a there better be some first aiders on standby with the medical equipment in case I pass out! The heat and humidity are high, making it tough to train for the races on my full schedule. But, as a runner you suck it up and just DO.

School Rules

It's back to school time kids. The dog days of summer are almost over, the sales in the paper all tout paper, pencils, lunchboxes, and urban clothing at low, low prices! Soon, the daily commute will be longer, and the sounds of fall will be here. Sounds good to me, football is in my sights, and I can't wait!