Sunday, July 11, 2010


I read in the paper today they are talking about raising the minimum retirement age fo SS. Starting with children of the 60's.
THANKS, Goverment leaders for squandering Social Security so there is almost nothing when it's going to be my turn and I may have to work until I am SEVENTY to gain benefits.
Not much left to enjoy at that age, so I hope all of you are saving your pennies, or have term insurance for seniors and NOT counting on the Govt to take care of you in your golden years.

Hot in Cleveland

Hilarious new show on TV Land. While there is nothing on regular TV in summer - they break out with a goodie. Genius.
Betty White is making a great comeback after her SNL appearance.
4 single ladies of varying ages living in Cleveland (obviously), talking about men, dating, wrinkle creams, getting older, shopping.

Move or Lose

I watch these people on these shows like Biggest Loser, and Losing it - and they have tried all the quick fixes they get with diet pills, Lipovox, etc...and now are at the end of their rope and realize only DIET and EXERCISE will get results.
You can't eat fast food, cupcakes, twinkies, pop tarts for 10 years and expect that weight to shed off in a week.
Eat plants, lots of them. A little meat and dairy, and mix in some grains.
Move your body as much as you can.
Simple plan.
Most don't get it.


So yeah, soggy weekend made for a not so fun 4th. All of our outdoor plans were cancelled due to the inclement weather, and we had to scrounge for alternatives.
In order to keep us from needing treatment for depression, we visited the movie theatre, attended a beer tasting, grilled indoors, and watched fireworks on TV.
I's not the same, but what can you do?

Soggy 4th

It rained here ALL weekend over the holiday. Friday all the way through Monday. Rain. Drizzley, steady, heavy, no sun at all - wet, rain. No sun, just clouds of dark circles.
No fireworks.
No cookouts.
No beach.
No fun.
Just rain.