Friday, May 28, 2010

It is finished

School is over here in the Sunshine state - that means the kids are about a week from being "bored", school furniture is being put into storage, vacation season is in full swing, and my morning commute got about 15 minutes shorter! Yay for extra sleep! Caps and Gowns will be donned over the next week as the graduates take the next step of there lives.


BIG 4 day weekend for me...better take my women's vitamins, because I have a LOT of fun activities lined up! Everything from Sunset Sip, to Rays games, to Girl's movie night! Looking forward to the beginning of summer, and some time away from the office.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Big Loser

Is actually a BIG winner!
Micheal from Chicago won the Biggest Loser last night, he lost over 200 lbs! He looked GOOD, actually I thought he looked good ever since makeover week. Heaviest contestant ever loses all that weight through diet and hgh supplements or appetite suppressants - just good old fashioned portion control and moving your body.
Good for him.


This weekend Sex and the City 2 opens! I am excited to see my girls again - love the show, loved the movie! I can relate to these women, as I have a few friends who have gone the distance with me, a few from high school, and a few from my early 20's that I am still very close to.
These are the kind of friendships that I cherish, women I can share my secrets with that will keep them in "the vault".
Women that I drink with and share my best eye cream with.
Women who will laugh with me, or cry with me - and never judge.
Women who have continually supported and stood by me.
They "talk me off the ledge" when I am ready to jump.
I can call them at any time, day or night - and they are there for me. Unconditional.
I love these friends, and they know who they are.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Got the Blues

About 6 lbs of them! Went blueberry picking last weekend as a teambuilding activity with my cowookers, it was fun! It was a great day for picking - really hot though, but, as always I had my Kleen Kanteen filled to the brim with cool water to keep me hydrated! I had almost a full bucket, and you only pay $3 per pound at the farm, as opposed to $3.99 for a little measly pint of sad berries at the grocery store! I froze some in 2 cup portions for baking/smoothies/yogurt mixins, and have been eating the rest right out of the fridge every day!!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

5 a Day

I know the vitamin is called 1 a day - but, I have been trying to eat 5 a day. 5 fruits and veggies, that is. It is really hard to squeeze all of that fruit / veg into your day! Have you ever tried? Seems like there is always room for junk food, but never for the good stuff that is a better weight loss program than!
I've been working at it for about 3 weeks, and now that it is habit, I'm going to keep at it!! One of my tricks has been mixing fruit into my yogurt in the morning, helps me squeeze in a serving....then a small banana & Gala apple for snacks, small salad with lunch, and a veg at dinner and I am more than covered!! Try it, see how you do!!


We are down to the final 4 in Biggest Loser, and while they look like they were on fat burning products, it was all diet and exercise. I think all 4 look amazing, even though 2 of them still have over 100 lbs to lose! It will be interesting to see how they do at home and look at the finale!

Saturday, May 01, 2010


Going on a day trip in a few weeks, a fun one, not work related. I look forward to getting away at anytime - and following the exit signs to a new destination! It's fun exploring new destinations, and sometimes half the fun is getting there when you are travelling with good friends!


Thinking about replacing my outdoor furniture. Mine is pretty old, starting to show it's age - perhaps at the end of summer when everything goes on clearance I will invest in some new updated stuff on the balcony.


Summer is upon us here in the Sunsine State - we don't get much of a Spring, about 5-6 weeks if we are lucky! Bathing suits are flying off racks, and beaches are packed to the gills with sunbathers who spent their winter looking for the best diet pills to have that beach bod. I haven't made it out there yet, some of us have to work, but I have plans to get there soon!! If not, I will be vacationing on a beach.

Big Loser

I enjoyed last weeks episode of Biggest Loser. Maybe because I am a softy for a good story. I love seeing how their lives change with their bodies, and no lipozene necessary. Next week - my favorite - MAKEOVER WEEK!

NO Gulf Drilling

I am very disgusted with BP oil. I realize it's probably not their fault that their oil rig exploded, however, how do you have a massive drilling operation in the Gulf and NO catastrophic emergency plan in place??? Better get one quick, public outcry on this one is not going to be pretty. Seems like they've been downplaying the spill for a if it were going away? And now we are hearing reports that it may be bigger than Exxon Valdez.

BP ?

You have problems.