Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Thanks Catherine!

I want to give props to Catherine, my 11 year old niece. Not only is she cute as a button....she is a huge help at all of our 3 Day Walk fundraisers, and our constant training partner.....yesterday, she gave me a $5 donation, of her own money, toward my fundraising efforts! Thanks Catherine!! You can help too.....your $5 will make a difference in the fight against breast cancer..follow Catherine's lead, and the link on the sidebar to my donation page!

Perfect Health!

Snoopy got a good report from the Vet last week! His weight is perfect, he got his shots and his bloodwork is good! He did snap at the Vet when he was getting one of his shots, but, after being poked with a needle three times he was over it!

Thursday, January 25, 2007


Yes, at our house we spell the word. I don't really think Snoopy understands the words "Going to the Vet", but why tempt fate? He does understand "Go Bye Bye" , Go the the Park", "Go Outside", and "Go to Uncle Joe's"....all of which turn him into a complete spaz! We have our annual visit to the Vet this evening, afterwards, I will have full report on what a perfect example of the Basenji breed he is!

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Speaking of Free.....

Today is FREE coffee day at Dunkin Donuts! And I do looove me some Dunkin Donuts! They are giving away free small iced coffee all day today...just walk in and ask for it!

Purina One Challenge

Snoopy is a Purina One boy, he eats their dry kibbles mixed with Pedigree Little Champions wet food. So, when I heard I could get FREE Purina One dog food...I was all over it!! Call 888-606-BARK to take the challenge, answer some simple questions about your pooch, give them your address..and POW, a coupon for a FREE 4 lb bag of Purina One is on it's way to your mailbox! For those who have cats, the same number gets you free cat food. One per household please.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Public Library

Let me take a moment to plug my public library, a fountain of freebies! I HEART the's quiet and smells nice. I was raised a reader, have had a library card since I was 9, and remember riding my bike to the old Tarpon Springs library on the bayou to get books all the time. You can you read all the books you want without ever having to buy one, you can read newspapers & magazines, check out movies (That's right Blockbuster, my library has FREE MOVIES!), and surf the internet on their computers. Some libraries also show newer movies on certain days of the week! I recently discovered a small library near my office in Tampa, and I go there frequently during my lunch hour to have a few moments of quiet time and relax among the books. Today, I discovered a new freebie there...a basket by the door labelled "Free Magazines". You can bring your magazines from home that you are done reading, and take whatever you want out of the basket. I was pleased to see they weren't very old either, I walked out of there with the December and January issues of Glamour, Elle, and Business Week! Thumbs Up to our Public Library System!!

Help me fight Breast Cancer!

I have once again signed up to do the Susan G Komen Breast Cancer 3 Day Walk in October 2007. I walked last year in Philly, and it was an incredible experience! The breast cancer 3 day is a 60 mile walk over the course of 3 days to raise money and awareness for Breast Cancer, with all proceeds benefitting the Susan G Komen Foundation and National Philanthropic Trust. My findraising goal os $2200...please help me in this fight, by making a donation towards my fundraising efforts, no amount is too small....please see the link on my sidebar to my 3 day donation page. Together we can fight this horrible disease!

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

In Memory....

On Jan 5th, Japenese entrepeneur turned folk hero, Momofuku Ando, creator of instant ramen noodles, and founder of the Nissin Food Products, passed away. He was 96. Why do I mention this? Back when I was first on my own, young, foolish and struggling to make ends meet, I had many, many meals of Ramen Noodles. I actually grew quite fond of them, and have a "never forget your roots" attitude......I still keep them in my cupboard! While their nutritonal value is minimal, they are cheap (about 13 cents a brick), easy and taste good! I turned my teenage niece on to them last year, and her parents now purchase them at Sam's Club by the case!

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Weekend Update

So, Saturday I spent the day in Gainesville at the University of Florida campus. I have a few pics to post, and will get to that later...but here's how the day unfolded. We met at Cracker Barrel at 06:30am (YAWN), ate some breakfast and then hit the road! We were in G-Ville by 9:15am, found some good free parking and headed out on foot. We wandered around campus, did some shopping at the UF bookstore, and then headed over to the stadium (The Swamp - Ben Hill Griffin Field). We had pretty good seats in the north end zone, lower bowl, not too far up. The stage was set up in the south end zone. They were showing the BCS Championship game on the big screen, so we watched that until the rally started. There were about 70,000 Gator fans at the event! At noon, the band came out,cheerleaders, and Albert & Alberta, the mascots. They all led us in some cheers. Then the team came out and filed into their seats. Head coach Urban Meyer came to the stage and introduced the coaching staff, and the seniors. A few of them came up an spoke about the game, and their time at UF. Danny Wuerffel(1996 Heisman winner & QB of that national championship team) came on stage and gave Chris Leak his MVP of the game award. The President and AD of the university also spoke. They unveiled the "2006" which was painted next to the "1996 National Champions" on the Stadium wall. Then the players walked around the outer circle of the field while the crowd when crazy cheering for them! They walked over to the band,as they do after every game, and we all sang "We are the boys..", and then the alma mater. It was a good event, the fans loved it. After we left the stadium,we went and got some lunch, hit a few more Gator stores, and then headed back home. It was a great day to be a Florida Gator!

Friday, January 12, 2007


Snoopy is going to Joe & Pete's tonight for a sleepover, because Mommy is going on a road trip to Gainesville with some friends this weekend to the National Championship celebration at the University of Florida! Go Gators!! Should be a good day for a pep rally in the Swamp, weather outlook is sunny and mid 70's!

ING Direct $25 Bonus Referral Link

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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Gator Nation Celebrates!

That's right Gator fans, YOUR National Champions, the Florida Gators!!

Monday, January 08, 2007

Go Gators!

Snoopy and I are big Gator fans!! Tonight, our beloved Gators will be playing Ohio State for the BCS National Championship in college football!! We will be glued to the TV tonight cheering our boys in Orange & Blue !!!!!!!!

More Presents!

Santa was very good to Snoopy this year! In addition to the rawhide bone he is enjoying, he got many toys and treats....I think everyone remembered him this year!Don't you love how he sticks that little butt up in the air!!