Sunday, November 14, 2010

Clean Skin

There was an article in the paper this morning about the new Harry Potter movie, and how much the actors have grown. The article asked the actors if they used any acne products to keep thier skin clear, as they have gone through their teen years in the movies seemingly with no skin issues. It seems they did not use anything, just were lucky enough to not have problems of that kind.


I am going to have to harp on this again, there are no easy fixes when It comes to weight loss - when I saw the list of most effective diet pills 10K, I was disgusted that people still feel there is. Watch the Big Loser, Exercise and eating right are the only answers to losing the added weight on your body!

Smoke Free

I was at an outdoor even a few weeks ago, enjoying the fallish weather and nice music....of course, the fresh air didn't last long when someone parked next to me and lit up a cigar! I had to move my spot, as I find that scent very intrusive and nasty, a Pipe I can stand, but never a cigar!


Finished redoing my spare room, just need a picture for the wall maybe. I was looking for some kind of tiebacks for the drapes...wanted something nice, but not too expensive. Saw some really nice ones at that hardware restoration store at that mall...but too expensive! So, took that idea to my local target and found exactly what I was looking for, at more than half the price!

Road Trip

Went to visit Niece yesterday at UCF, she's fully embracing the college experience, messy dorm, ramen noodles -she's got it all! We took her to eat, have to feed the starving student, watched the football game for a while. We wanted to get some gear while we were there, but the University bookstore is SO expensive.....she said the local secret is getting it at Target or WalMart! Great tip, when my items went across the barcode scanner, I got 3 things for what it would have cost me for ONE item at the campus store!

Saturday, November 06, 2010

Big Loser

I'm in my 10th week of boot camp.
FITNESS boot camp, not military. With a personal trainer. It's been the hardest physical thing I've ever done, but so worth it. I did not do it to lose weight, I initially signed up to see if I could do it, and get in better shape. Boy, did that ever happen. I discovered that I LOVE working out, and challenging myself - and the benefit of that is dropping 2 pants sizes, and gaining muscle tone.
There is no magic Lipofuze
pill for losing weight - proper nutrition and exercise are the key. And, when you are working out hard you make better food choices because you know how much you have to do to work that cupcake or ice cream back off!