Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Mom's Help

Guest post written by Derick Burks

My mom told me about HughesNet Somerset and it's been really nice having Internet at home so I can Facebook with my friends and trade recipes with my family online. It's been sort of isolating since I quit my job and now stay at home with the kids but it's more rewarding than it is challenging. I feel really good about having a clean home and healthy meal on the table each night and I can't thank my husband enough for giving me this opportunity to bond with my children in a new way. I'm really relishing all the time I get to spend with them while they're gone and being a stay-at-home mom just made the most sense for us after our move. There are definitely days when I get bored though, so I appreciate mom's willingness to help me find something to occupy my extra time. I think she was just tired of me calling her four times a day to chat so she finally broke down and gave me a suggestion!


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