Saturday, August 28, 2010

Gaga over Gaga

Even though I am from a different generation, I kind of like Lady Gaga...she seems like the younger generations Madonna! I like most of her music, she's a tad outrageous..and I think if I had some Lady Gaga Tickets , I would get my monies worth! Haven't heard any talk of her coming this way though.


I happen to think the economy is on the upturn. Jobs are still scarce, a lot of people still out of work - I have 2 in my inner circle who have been oujt of work for 2 years, THAT is scary. Seems like the only jobs safe, and in abundance right now are the healthcare jobs...everything else is on shaky ground. But, people are spending more, and starting to buy homes and, IMHO...things are looking up.

Sunday, August 22, 2010


We changed insurance coverage mid year at work, which kind of screwed up my flexible spending. They also did not give us as many options, raised the OOP and copays, you would have thought it was some no name North Carolina health insurance, but it's not - it's a national carrier, but everyone has been having problems ever since the switch. I guess I should be grateful to have anything.


Ever since I got my iPod dock for the house, I play around with it a lot more. Downloading music from websites and creating playlists for workouts, travel. I really would love to have an iPod Touch, but, since there is nothing wrong with my little Nano, and it holds as much music as I cna handle - I won't be spending money on a new one...unless I get a free one through one of those ipod reviews.


Fall approaches us with the threat of back to school an dfootball season. Of course, that means nothing around these parts - we won't feel a change in the weather until November! No electric blankets needed in these parts - our winter readiness consist of turning off the A/C and opening the windows!

That time again

Back to school means nothing to me other than heavy traffic for about the first week!
No new pencils, paper, notebooks, jeans, or polo boots! Just less sleep as I try to beat the traffic into work.
Why does everyone forget how to drive in the rain and back to school week?
Oh well, at least it means football is back as well!! LOL!


I lvoe camping, and have taken more than my share of camping trips in my life - tent camping and motor home KOA style.
I prefer tent.
I know, I'm wierd...but, there is something about sleeping out under the stars that gets me. No, I do not choose a log beds, I have a very nice sleeping bag that works even in the upper peninsula of Michigan - tested and toasty! Of course, in the Florida Keys, I slept in a lounge chair out in the open - it was just too hot inside the tent!!


Has it really been that long?
I guess so.
What can I say other than life ges busy sometimes and time gets away.
I did take a fantastic vacation while I was away from here.
So fantastic that I cannot tell you about it.
What happens on Island, stays on Island.
No pics.
No stories.
Some things are meant to stay between friends.
: )