Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Big School

Lately I have been helping my niece with her college apps, she doesn't need to take the GMAT prep or anything - but it's important to keep her focused on her senior year goals. So I send her reminders via text, calls and general nagging! Ha!


Hurricane Season is here, so look out all of you who live in a manufactured home, or flood zone! Luckily, no storms have come our way yet, just our daily afternoon rainstorm - keeping our fingers crossed for another 2 months!!

Thursday, September 03, 2009

New PC

I have been thinking for a while about giving up this bulky computer and investing in something smaller and more portable. I have been keeping an eye on the electronic store ads for laptops , I'm thinking right before Christmas is the best time to buy one, all of the good sales and coupons will be out!

New Season

I am so happy September has rolled around and all of the commercials for the season premiers are out! Summer TV is horrible - soon I will be entrenched in Survivor, Amazing Race, all the happenings at Seattle Grace, and of course, the best diet pills are to watch Biggest Loser!!
It's been a long summer, glad you are all back!