Sunday, March 21, 2010

Opt Out

In Financial Peace University a few weeks back, we learned about opting out of junk mail, pre screen credit card offers, and telephone offers. I am all over this, it not only reduces the amount of companies pulling my credit score and bothering me with saves a tree by lowering the production of junk mail!! Have you made your directory submission to opt out yet?


As I was carrying the groceries in this past week, I got to wondering what all these years of climbing 3 flights of stairs is going to do to me in the long run. I love being on the 3rd floor, and can climb the stairs with ease with all my grocery bags in hand - now. Maybe not so much in about 5-10 years, I may need the aid of a joint supplement at that point. Until then, I'm hoping the daily climb(s) just help keep me in shape!


Everytime I take a workday off, or a portion of a workday...I notice there is NOTHING on tv during the day. I would think that the daytime drabble would be incentive for people to go out and find any kind of work - just to be away from the Judge Jackson's, Ladies talk circle, and acne body wash infomercials! It's enough to make me switch off the boob tube!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Frugal Appliance

When I redid my kitchen last month, I did not get new major appliances - as they are not needed. I new, however, that I would need to replace my under counter toaster oven. The old one was a housewarming gift, and after many years of delicious toast, the "toast" button no longer worked properly - I had to stand there and hold it down! kitchen, new toaster oven! Spacemaker was necessary due to my limited counter space!
I've been searching for weeks for the right one - Black & Decker, and it had to be black as well. Waited to see if it would go on sale.
Not this time.
No matter - I was going to get my savings one way or another!
I went to via Ebates - securing myself 4% cash back on my purchase! And, a quick internet search also netted me a $5 off coupon code!
I am pleased, as always, that I could save some of my hard earned cash!
Not using Ebates YET?
Do yourself a favor, get on over there and sign up - it's FREE, you buy things in the internet anyway, may as well earn some cash back on it, AND you'll get a $5 bonus on your first purchase! No worrying involved.

Friday, March 19, 2010


I spent last weekend in Orlando, where I had the pleasure of seeing Eric Clapton live in concert for the 6th time!
I could watch him play guitar for hours - he is so gifted. Unfortunately, they kicked us out when he was done...LOL.
It's never the same show, he is always better than the time before, I never regret the cash I spend seeing him. My only regret is I did not "discover" his music until my early twenties!

Saturday, March 06, 2010


I am taking Dave ramsey's Financial Peace University at my church, and I have been loving it! It covers everything from getting out of debt, to buying a home, investing, college savings, and Wholesale Insurance term life much more! I have learned a lot, not just from the class, but from the people taking it as well.


Now that my kitchen is done, I can focus on finishing up the spare bedroom. It has been painted and new furniture - but still needs things on the wall, a window treatment, and I want one of those digital frames for the end table - there
s not enough room to display a lot of photos, so that will be the best way to show off some good shots in one frame.