Saturday, March 20, 2010

Frugal Appliance

When I redid my kitchen last month, I did not get new major appliances - as they are not needed. I new, however, that I would need to replace my under counter toaster oven. The old one was a housewarming gift, and after many years of delicious toast, the "toast" button no longer worked properly - I had to stand there and hold it down! kitchen, new toaster oven! Spacemaker was necessary due to my limited counter space!
I've been searching for weeks for the right one - Black & Decker, and it had to be black as well. Waited to see if it would go on sale.
Not this time.
No matter - I was going to get my savings one way or another!
I went to via Ebates - securing myself 4% cash back on my purchase! And, a quick internet search also netted me a $5 off coupon code!
I am pleased, as always, that I could save some of my hard earned cash!
Not using Ebates YET?
Do yourself a favor, get on over there and sign up - it's FREE, you buy things in the internet anyway, may as well earn some cash back on it, AND you'll get a $5 bonus on your first purchase! No worrying involved.


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