Thursday, January 18, 2007

Public Library

Let me take a moment to plug my public library, a fountain of freebies! I HEART the's quiet and smells nice. I was raised a reader, have had a library card since I was 9, and remember riding my bike to the old Tarpon Springs library on the bayou to get books all the time. You can you read all the books you want without ever having to buy one, you can read newspapers & magazines, check out movies (That's right Blockbuster, my library has FREE MOVIES!), and surf the internet on their computers. Some libraries also show newer movies on certain days of the week! I recently discovered a small library near my office in Tampa, and I go there frequently during my lunch hour to have a few moments of quiet time and relax among the books. Today, I discovered a new freebie there...a basket by the door labelled "Free Magazines". You can bring your magazines from home that you are done reading, and take whatever you want out of the basket. I was pleased to see they weren't very old either, I walked out of there with the December and January issues of Glamour, Elle, and Business Week! Thumbs Up to our Public Library System!!


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