Friday, January 12, 2007

ING Direct $25 Bonus Referral Link

For those who aren't aware, ING Direct is an online bank, FDIC insured, which offers 4.5% interest on regular savings accounts!!! That's a much better rate than any of the local brick & mortar banks! They offer direct deposit, electronic transfer, statements and everything your local bank does, only with a better savings rate! I have had an account with them for some time now, and am very pleased..who wouldn't be happy watching their money grow at that rate? If you open an ING Orange Savings account with a special referral e mail from a current account holder, and a minimum deposit of $250, you get an additional $25 Opening Bonus! That means you actually start your account with $275, that's an immediate 10% return on your money! And, you start earning interest on the bonus money as well! I have Bonus referral links to share, for anyone interested in making some free money...drop me an email to pwgatorATmsnDOTcom, and I will send you a referral link...and you can start saving now!


  • I had an account with them at one time...I wonder if it's still open? Email me the referral link anyway, so I can try. I've got a ton of money in my PayPal account from PayPerPost and it's not making me any money in there.

    By Blogger Colleen, at 5:43 PM  

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