Thursday, June 05, 2008

For Sale

SO...another nibble on Mom & Stepdad's Travel Trailer leads to another low ball offer. I do not have a bus for sale here people, it's a 26' travel trailer that sleeps 6 and has never been on the road! Why is everyone offering my about $5K LESS than what I am asking? I think that thing is going to be sitting behind Sister's house for quite some time, at least until the economy rebounds.
I talked to Stepdad's financial guy today, about reducing some of his monthly income he is taking from his IRA's, seeing as how I have him budgeted down to a lot less now and he is living very comfortably on it. I also spoke to him about how I am going to be aggressively sending money towards the principle on the RV loan - as that thing is eating up his money in interest! Hopefully, I can chop it down a chunk by the fall, and then we can revisit the asking price.


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