Thursday, October 25, 2007


K Mart, a store that I normally loathe, is giving away FREE Halloween candy! A full size bag! Of GOOD candy...not lollipops or those black and orange taffy things...(what are those nasty things?).....HERSHEY'S CANDY..or M&M's..or Kit Kats...YOUR choice!!
Here's what you have to do:
Go the thier website and watch the Halloween TV Commercial here. Write down the name on the tombstone, you'll need it when you fill out the form.
Then fill out the form, and sign up for their email updates. In a few hours you will get an email from them with a link to a coupon for a FREE bag of Fun Size Hershey or MM/Mars Candy, regularly priced at $2.79!!
Please. I may loathe K Mart, but I am all over my free bag of Halloween my coupon and just happen to be going near one today! I dare them to give me a hard time.



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