Monday, July 09, 2007

Snoopy's Time Away..

All of this time i have spent over at my Mom's, Snoopy has been staying at a friend's house. Luckily I have them to look after my boy, and don't have to worry about him being in a kennle. After I got back from my Mom's Saturday, I picked Snoopy up from my friend's house where he had been staying....when I got there he wqas running all over the yard like a fool with his tongue hanging out! Apparently he spent his time there helping with the gardening, and trying to decide who's bed to sleep in! We got home and he spent the rest of the day on my bed curled up in an exhausted little ball!
And, he is STILL getting up at 4-4:30am every morning to go outside and tinkle! What is up with that? He's going to the vet in a few weeks, I am going to have to inquire about his incredible shrinking bladder!


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