Sunday, May 20, 2007

Sleep. Finally.

I finally got a good nights sleep last night. First one in 5 days. You cannot sleep at my Mother's house. It is impossible. Once you get your mind to slow down, you hear all sorts of random noise. Her house has the thinnest walls ever. If there is a hurricane, it will blow away, it does not block out inside OR outside noise. AND, she and her husband get up at dawn's crack. Yeah. We're talking OH-SIX-THIRTY. EVERY morning. And they do not know how to use their "inside voices". And the TV must be on loud enough for the neighbors to hear. And, garbage day is 7am....with the loud truck and the rattling and the noise....and recycling day is 7am....with the loud truck and the rattling and the noise. And, of course, Friday, the lawn guy came...AT SEVEN A.M...and it is my firm belief that they turned on a weed wacker, sat it down outside my window...and walked away. It was THAT LOUD. It felt good to be in my own bed, with Snoopy next to my leg where he always sleeps. I slept for TEN hours. TEN. GOOD. QUIET. HOURS.(Other than an interruption at 4am to take Snoopy out). I felt very rested this morning.


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