Monday, June 11, 2007

Another Nature Sighting..

So, last night I took Snoopy downstairs about 9:30pm to relieve himself...and he kept pulling on the leash after he was done, like he was trying to go after I stepped out onto the grass beyond the shrubs to see what had his interest....TWO adult deer standing not 10 yards from me, chomping on the grass...actually, I think they were probably eating the stale graham crackers I threw out there for the birds earlier! They were just staring back at him...didn't move. And, it's kind of funny, because Snoopy looks kind of like a mini deer, his color and body shapr, ears straight you have to wonder what they think when looking at each other! I stood there for a few minutes and enjoyed a moment with nature. Then took him back upstairs and watched them from my window. I love where I live. And, before you ask, it was too dark to take a picture and I didn't want to scare them off with the flash.


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