Friday, June 08, 2007

Night Vision

One of my best friends from school married a guy who loves to hunt for fun. We jokingly call him "the mighty hunter". Once, before they were married, he tricked us all into eating deer by calling it CHILI...he didn't tell us it was BAMBI CHILI! Yeah, he's got all the gear - goggles, guns, bows ....and he goes up on the roof and practices on the deer target...the neighbors have gotten used to it! He got their daughter a puppy (translation - hunting dog) and has taught the dog to fetch dead things. They were married at the beginning of hunting season , and every year, he goes up north with his boys hunting right around their anniversary! It's quite the joke among all of us! So, I've laways wondered how do they see at night, way out in the woods when it's dark? They have to get some,night vision binoculars! So, for birthdays and such, being the good sport she is, I know she supports his hobby buying him new toys so he can hunt safely...I'll be sharing this with her.
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