Thursday, June 07, 2007


You're never too old to color! I still sit at the table or on the floor with my nieces and nephews to color with them, and always encourage them to color new pictures for me to decorate my house and cubicle! Our problem is we are always running out of pages in the coloring books at my house! Well, I just found a solution to that....your computer is like an endless coloring book with these Coloring Pages! This is a great way for the kids to spend creative time at the computer, rather than just playing games. You can either print them out, or they can color them online selecting colors from the palette and clicking areas of the picture they want to fill in - and create an interactive coloring book by sharing the URL with their friends and relatives! They can also upload their own drawing and color it through their computer...! This would be a great party activity...there are many designs to choose from, to reach different age groups...they have everthing from Bratz to Barbie to Cinderella and Tinkerbell! They have sports related for the boys, and, they have educational and holiday pages, perfect for schools and after school programs.
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