Thursday, June 07, 2007

Nature Walk

I am blessed to live in a great part of town, out in the semi-rural area. The condo's I live in are bordered on 2 sides by a protected nature preserve. I always see all sorts of wildlife when I am out walking the dog....assorted birds, deer, gators, turtles, even a rattlesnake once.
This morning, I saw FOUR hawks! There were 2 flying from tree to tree together, not sure if they were male/female, one sitting at the tippy top of a pine tree..and then, as I approached our building, there was another on the roof screeching. Now, usually I see A hawk in the evening when I walk him....out foraging for something to eat..and one time, I was about 10 feet from one standing in the grass with a lizard in his claws, taking bites! THAT was cool! Never have a camera in my hand for these moments!


  • After the first paragraph I thought, "Cheryl, I hope you took your camera!" What a great idea for a series of blog posts. You could devote a day of the week to posting pictures of nature you take on your walks!

    By Blogger Steve, at 10:50 AM  

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